Saturday, May 08, 2021


Hotels with swimming pools to splash in and cool off in Jaipur!

It’s almost time to kiss the spring season and summer will soon be knocking hard on our doorstep as temperatures continue to inch upward. There’s no denying a hotel pool is a property’s most handsome architectural gems. It is more than just a place to unwind, cool off, or work on a tan following a […]

Resorts near jaipur

10 best resorts near Jaipur to escape for a weekend

Stress at work giving you dark circles? Exhausted from the hectic crazy schedules and packed weeks? You will likely want some breaks from city life. Looking for short leisure, but clueless about where to head on? Although the city Jaipur itself has an endless list of places to refresh and escape. But what if one […]


Home Care Tips For Treating COVID-19

Home Care Tips for treating COVID-19

With a sudden surge in covid cases, the Healthcare system overwhelmed and shortage of hospital beds, oxygen and medicines, rushing to hospitals is not the only option if you have covid. Not everyone needs hospitalization as most of the people getting covid are having mild symptoms and can recover at home. Even the medical practitioners […]

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter: Know why it is essential to have one in ongoing covid times!

The recent surge in the pandemic Covid-19 has exposed the world to unparalleled problems. In this time of uncertainty and sustained concerns and fears around Covid-19, there has been an extensive impact on the health sector. There are reports of a shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supply. Due to this, the corona patients are […]

availability of hospital beds online

How to check hospital bed availability online for Covid patients in Jaipur

A massive surge in the fresh Covid-19 cases and dipped recovery rates has created a devastating situation. People are driving from one hospital to another and trying hard to find oxygen cylinders, vacant beds, ICU support, emergency wards, and more to treat themselves or their family members. Expecting bed availability in hospitals has become a […]

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