Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Visiting hours for Jaipur tourists

Rajasthan makes misbehaviour with tourists a cognizable crime

Rajasthan government passes a law making misbehaviour with tourists cognizable crime. If the misbehaviour is repeated, it will be non-bailable.

The Rajasthan government on Monday passed the Rajasthan Tourism Business Bill, 2021 in the state assembly under which any misbehaviour with tourists will be a cognizable crime. The state government regulated an amendment bill in the assembly with a new section 27-A inserted in the Rajasthan Tourism Trade (Facilitation and Regulation) Act, 2010.  The section […]


Travelling Solo? Here are the best hostels in Jaipur to stay

There are many people with an intense desire to see the world and many people prefer travelling solo and exploring the world independently. They’ve all come to realise that solo travelling can be exciting and full of options like never before. After all, experiences don’t always have to be shared but to be enjoyed. But […]


COVID Variants Omicron

Omicron reached India: Things you should know about the fatal virus

The new Covid variant 'variant of concern - Omicron' is a fatal virus we should be aware of. Know how and why it is deadly to keep yourself protected.

The newly discovered variant of Covid, ‘Omicron’ recently declared as a variant of concern has created an atmosphere of panic in the country and the world. Corona’s new variant Omicron has reached India. It got confirmed after two patients have been found positive in Bangalore (Karnataka). It has alarmed everyone from the central, state governments […]

Heart attack

Increased risk of Heart attack among corona patients: Take care of these things

20% increase in cases of heart disease after the corona period. Patients who recovered from Covid are more at risk of getting heart attacks.

On World Heart Day, the well-known cardiologists of Jaipur talk about the increased rate of heart problems among Covid patients. They made people aware of the risk and the things one should take care of.  As per the cardiologists, Covid patients should be more careful about their heart health even if they have recovered. Research […]

Best Gym in Jaipur

Best Gyms in Jaipur to checkout for fitness freaks

Today, the only thing people are paying attention to is to be in shape. Well, dreaming of a gorgeous and fit body isn’t a sin. It’s a need of the hour and thus this growing concern has given rise to some of the best fitness centers in the city. So, whether it’s about getting into […]

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