Thursday, January 16, 2020


Garh Ganesh Temple

Garh Ganesh Temple: a crown on Aravalli hills

Garh Ganesh Mandir is a historic temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. This shrine is located in the heart of the pink city. Settled in the Aravalli hills near Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort, it is called the Garh temple because of its fort-like appearance. Garh means Fort thus, Garh Ganesh means Ganesha of the Fort. […]

Maniharon Ka Rasta

Maniharon Ka Rasta: The sparkling lane of Lac bangles

Famously quoted as the Pink City, Jaipur with its resplendent beauty can mesmerize any visitor. It is long known for its prowess, splendid palaces, turbaned men, luxurious hotels and culture. Born from this ethnic culture is the variety of souvenirs with their unique charm. This is often bewildering for travelers to the wonderful land to […]


Jaipur Hospitals

Top 10 hospitals to work in Jaipur

Every health care professional wish to work in the hospitals, which are at the forefront of adapting to the new challenges while providing top-notch patient care. This article will help you discover the leading hospitals to work in Jaipur that are shaping the future of medicine. Fortis Hospital Spread over an area of 6.67 acres, […]

sleep and weight loss

How are quality sleep and weight loss intrinsically linked

Many people struggle with the weight loss process and to have a body they desire. Slimming down correctly is the most troubling part one may come across. Is losing down those extra pounds is your biggest fear too? You may have given up on sugar and junk foods in favor of eating more vegetables, lean […]

International Yoga day

International Yoga day: 10 Yogas for a better health and life

Today, 21 June celebrated as International Yoga Day, most of the celebrities, politicians, and people all over the world practice yoga with full enthusiasm. More than 200 million people around the world practice yoga, the majority of them in India. Originated in India, Yoga is a way of living life positively. It is an ancient […]