Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Sariska National Park Safari

Sariska National Park Safari: A detailed information

By name Rajasthan, the very first image that conjures up is a desert, howling winds, a sun that burns overhead, a dull, lifeless land where nothing flourishes. But the truth will reveal once you visit Rajasthan. You might just end up revising your views. True, India’s largest state is mainly desert, but this land throbs […]


A day trip to Pushkar sets you free with its mystic beauty!

India is popular worldwide for its cultural diversity with people of different religions coexisting side by side. The country is dots with numerous places of Hindu pilgrims. Of them, Pushkar stands as one of the holiest places in Hindu mythology, house to amusing attractions, beautiful scenic locations and cordial environment. Are you tired of your […]


Health benefits of miraculous Aloe Vera Juice

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice You Must Be Aware Of

Hailed as the most beneficial ayurvedic herb, Aloe Vera isn’t an alien to Indian homes. Besides, the only acquaintance that people have with the aloe vera plant is that either they have one in their window. This is because they maybe they are just aware of the aloe vera gel that can be used to […]

Importance of Ayurvedic Herbs

Best Ayurvedic herbs to consume regularly for a healthy body

In this fast-paced life, where one doesn’t get time for self,  unhealthy diet habits and inactive lifestyle takes over, resulting in low energy levels and physical strength. It hinders the body’s ability to cope up with illnesses and emotional stress. As we all know, it is quite unsafe to take modern medicines very frequently, especially […]

Ayurveda OR Allopathy

Allopathy vs Ayurveda in COVID -19: Which Is Better?

The fear of COVID-19 disease through Corona Virus has turned everyone’s world almost upside down. It has now become a headache for all countries and health has become a major concern now. When a person gets exposed to this virus, arises a situation where there are only two options available. Either an individual can face […]