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10 All-time favourite Hangout places in Jaipur to chill out

Want to go out with your friends to a cool place to hangout? Check out these all-time favourite hangout places in Jaipur that promise memories.

Weekdays are hectic for most people in Jaipur. Everyone waits for the weekdays to get over and the weekend to begin. They look forward to enjoying, chilling, socializing or just hanging out with family or friends. When it comes to relaxing and chilling out, Jaipur is hard to beat. Jaipur may come across as a […]


Rajasthan makes misbehaviour with tourists a cognizable crime

Rajasthan government passes a law making misbehaviour with tourists cognizable crime. If the misbehaviour is repeated, it will be non-bailable.

The Rajasthan government on Monday passed the Rajasthan Tourism Business Bill, 2021 in the state assembly under which any misbehaviour with tourists will be a cognizable crime. The state government regulated an amendment bill in the assembly with a new section 27-A inserted in the Rajasthan Tourism Trade (Facilitation and Regulation) Act, 2010.  The section […]


Travelling Solo? Here are the best hostels in Jaipur to stay

There are many people with an intense desire to see the world and many people prefer travelling solo and exploring the world independently. They’ve all come to realise that solo travelling can be exciting and full of options like never before. After all, experiences don’t always have to be shared but to be enjoyed. But […]


Monkeypox alert issued in Rajasthan

Monkeypox alert issued in Rajasthan

The health department has issued an alert regarding Monkeypox in Rajasthan, travellers from Europe, Australia, and US will be traced.

The health department of Rajasthan issued an advisory on Monday regarding Monkeypox after its cases were reported in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA. Given the cases of monkeypox found in these countries, the state health department asked officials to remain alert and keep a check on people. According to the advisory issued by the Health […]

Nasha Mukti Kendra Jaipur

Nasha Mukti Kendra, Jaipur: Top Rehab Centers For Deaddiction

If you are in need of rehabilitation or you know someone who needs it, here are the top professional Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jaipur to get a better life.

A rehabilitation centre is probably the last resort for a person who has either been through emotional turmoil or any other mental problem, which lead to a severe psychiatric condition or extreme physical illness. It is also meant for people who have addiction problems, sex, co-dependence or have been on psychoactive drugs like cocaine and […]

COVID Variants Omicron

Omicron reached India: Things you should know about the fatal virus

The new Covid variant 'variant of concern - Omicron' is a fatal virus we should be aware of. Know how and why it is deadly to keep yourself protected.

The newly discovered variant of Covid, ‘Omicron’ recently declared as a variant of concern has created an atmosphere of panic in the country and the world. Corona’s new variant Omicron has reached India. It got confirmed after two patients have been found positive in Bangalore (Karnataka). It has alarmed everyone from the central, state governments […]

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