Jaipur Hospitals

Top 10 hospitals to work in Jaipur

Every health care professional wish to work in the hospitals, which are at the forefront of adapting to the new challenges while providing top-notch patient care. This article will help you discover the leading hospitals to work in Jaipur that are shaping the future of medicine. Fortis Hospital Spread over an area of 6.67 acres, […]

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Jaipur Ayurveda

Ayurveda In Jaipur

How ayurveda can help you live a better life? Today’s lifestyle and modern eating habits have a huge impact on the health of the people. People nowadays are becoming health conscious and hence they are going back to the past and opting the natural way of treatment that is Ayurvedic treatment. Earlier, Ayurvedic treatment was […]

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agriculture antioxidant carrot

Are you looking for Weight loss?

Diet Plan for Weight Loss. The following ingredients should contain into your daily meal plan to weight loss: Vegetables: Tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, mustard greens, okra, onions, bitter melon, cauliflower, mushrooms, cabbage and more Fruits: Including mango, papaya, pomegranate, guava, oranges, tamarind, lychee, apples, melon, pears, plums, bananas Nuts and seeds: Cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin […]

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