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Akshardham Temple an architectural gem in Jaipur crown

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Akshardham Temple, located in the Vaishali Nagar of Jaipur, is a flabbergasting handiwork with religious fervour. Akshardham Temple, also known as Swaminarayan Temple is popular for its beautiful architecture, cultural aesthetics, magnificent idols, sculptures and carvings. This shrine is dedicated to the Hindu God Swaminarayan who was one of the most known Hindu priests. This temple depicts the cultural beauty at its best. Built-in the early 20th century this templates a peerless amalgamation of ethnic traditions of the past and the innovative architecture of the present.

History of Akshardham Temple

Since Akshardham is a modern temple it does not have much history attached to it. Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sansthan founded this temple, known by a short name “Swaminarayan”. These temples were built under the Sanstha, Swaminarayan Sampraday which was established in the early 20th century by Ramanand Swami.

The Sanstha constructed many temples in many cities of India and out of India with various idols of God Swaminarayan. Akshardham Temple in Jaipur is one of the nine temples built in some major cities in India. All the temples show unique forms of Krishna’s life. Akshardham temple of Jaipur is dedicated to Lord Vishnu while the other temples are dedicated to other Hindu Gods. But they all are known by the names Akshardham Temple, Swaminarayan Temple or Swaminarayan Akshardham.

The Architecture of Akshardham Temple

Although the construction is relatively recent, the temple looks like an old historical period temple. It upholds the beauty of ‘Hindu’ as a religion. The uncommon style of architecture and stunning beauty of the temple is what draws most of the tourists here. The temple depicts the surreal beauty of architecture and has gained enormous popularity among Krishna devotees.

The complex of the temple measures around 23 acres and holds a sanctum sanctorum at its centre. The entire structure has been brilliantly carved with a blend of white marble and pink sandstone. The temple has got a flight of stairs to lead you to the central hall of the temple. The Akshardham temple has pillared walls that are well-ventilated and spacious.

The temple also houses two small shrines along with it that encompass the deities of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, and Shiva Parvati. The walls of the temples are decorated with beautiful paintings, scriptures, carvings, Mantras, and Slogans that create a holy ambience of the temple and fill the visitors with positive aura and faith.

Akshardham temple stands atop a slightly raised platform set amidst a beautifully designed lush green landscape with fountains. It is a treasure of Tranquility as the temple gives a lush green view even from far which makes this place full of optimism, peace, and serenity. This greenery that surrounds the place let you dive into the serendipity of the place.

The main idol of the temple which is of Lord Narayana is well studded and decorated with ornaments of gold and silver which adds beauty to it. The complete area of Swaminarayan temple means the temple’s devotee zone, God zone, and courtyard are very neat and clean that makes the visitors feel the temple is like heaven that offers faith in God.

The temple houses three main zones:

Hari Mandapam

This is a house where you will find the presence of a 7 feet tall gold-leafed idol of Lord Swami Narayana is situated. This is the main area of worshipping and meditating. The statue is decorated with gold and silver ornaments.

Vibhuti Mandapam

As we all know very well, God Narayana is fond of lotus flowers hence he is offered lotus in daily prayers. This part of the house reveals the exquisite-lit brass lotuses.

Prasad Mandapam

This section shows the sanctified holy relics of Lord Swami Narayana.

One should definitely visit the Akshardham temple in Jaipur to feel the divine environment of this holy place. Akshardham tempting an architectural wonder, an epitome of artistry and a must-see tourist destination, promises an unforgettable visit with memories to last a lifetime.

Timings and Entry of Akshardham Temple

It is open from 7.30 to 12 in the morning and 4 to 8.15 in the evening. It is closed on Mondays. Entry is free of cost.

Darshan Timings:

Open: 7:30 am to 10:15 am

Closed for Rajbhog Thal: 10:15 am to 11:15 am

Open: 11:15 am to 12:00 Noon

Closed: 12:00 Noon to 4:00 pm

Open: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Closed for Thal: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Open: 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm

Akshardham Aarti Timings

Mangla Arti: 6.00 am

Shangar Arti: 7.30 am

Rajbhog Arti: 11.15 am

Sandhya Arti: 7.00 am

Shayan Arti: 8.00 am.

How to Reach Akshardham Temple

It is approximately 6.2kms from Jaipur city. It takes around 15 minutes to reach there. Jaipur city is well connected with roadways, railways and airways.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Akshardham temple in Jaipur is between October to February. This time is the winter season here when the temperature remains pleasant throughout. You can visit this temple at any time of the day but it would be best if you visit here early in the morning or after sunrise.

Nearby Places to Visit

Jaipur has plenty of tourist attractions with a number of places to visit. Some of the places are Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Wind, City Museum etc.

Travel Tips

  • All visitors are required to remove their shoes before entering the temple. Shoe racks are available out there. 
  • Please switch off your mobile phones prior to entering the temple.
  • You should wear covered clothes. Your clothes should cover the shoulders and knees and don’t wear shorts or skirts shorter than knee length.
  • Make sure that you should not be loud while visiting Akshardham. 
  • Keep it in mind that camera/videography is not allowed inside.
  • If you are looking to have some food delicacies then the Food Hut is there to satisfy your hunger.
  • It also has a kids area where kids can enjoy the large playground and slides.