Diet plan for Covid patients: A diet to improve the immune system

A healthy immune system is important for our survival since it helps us protect from myriads of illnesses. In recent days, having a strong immunity is very important due to the ongoing pandemic to deal with coronavirus infection. A strengthened immune system is essential for both covid patients and people who are on the path […]

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Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs – An Inspirational Story of Artisans

The image of traditional Rajasthani decor is never complete without a royal rug or carpet. So, when it’s about adorning homes, rugs and carpets are among the few staples that have endured for generations. When it comes to the traditional handicrafts Jaipur seconds none. Jaipur is famous for its hand-knotted rugs and carpets. The artistically […]

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Jaipuri Razai: Feather-Light Quilts To Warm Up Your Gloomy Winters

People all over the world use different approaches to create warm bed coverings. The Europeans created big, fluffy duvets with feathers. Mountain inhabitants in Central and South America made colourful, tightly woven blankets. Also, Appalachia of the Eastern United States has a history of making labour-intensive quilts with intricate patterns on them. Likewise, in Jaipur […]

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