Places near Jaipur to visit during monsoon

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When the monsoon hits the city, we often feel like escaping out from the city to enjoy the beauty of nature away from crowded lanes. Out on the highways with a long drive and rainy pours, the holiday spots and waterfalls come alive, glorifying the landscape. All you want to do is enjoy the heavenly downpours heading out from the city. Here are listed the best places near Jaipur to visit during monsoon.


Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort

You might have heard the name of Bhangarh fort as the most haunted place. But to your surprise, this place has a great natural surrounding as well as scenic beauty. Hiking this heritage scenery will let you explore the secrets of the Haunted Ruins at Bhangarh. This captive place is situated in the Alwar district, a mere a few km from Jaipur. The reminiscence from the past of Bhangarh Fort are edifying enough to take you on a mesmerizing journey. It’s just not the place, but the route also gives a capricious experience especially during monsoon. Explore to the fullest, take pictures but remember you can’t stay there, come back before it gets dark.


ramgarh lake

Ramgarh is a place that turns so enchanting and thrilling during the monsoon having numerous anicuts, waterfalls and lush green forest patches during its route. The place is filled with an abundance of natural beauty as it was once the hunting place of the Maharaja of Jaipur. You can plan to stay at the rustic The Gateway Hotel Ramgarh Lodge. Far from the chaotic city, this place lets you dive deep in nature, admire the surroundings and relive the glorious kingly life that once was lived by the Maharaja of Jaipur. This place beckons those vacationers who love to spend some time amidst nature.



During rainy times everyone wishes to be a part of an exquisite scenic view. If you are too searching for such a place that speaks serenity, Chandlai lake is the place. Chandlai Lake is just 30 km away from Jaipur and makes a perfect place for picnics. The idyllic beauty of this small lake with a peaceful environment will leave you wanting to spend a day here. Witnessing the scenic view and heavenly showers makes it the best place near Jaipur during monsoon. Be ready with your camera, you’ll get plenty of stunning pictures. 


Tree of Life Resort And Spa

If you like it differently, or more precisely in a luxurious style, you can head on towards Kukas. Far from the hustle and bustle, you get many lavish staying options like Fairmont, JW Marriott, Le Meridien, Jaibagh palace and what not. Set amidst the lap of invigorating Aravali, these hotels when combined with rains will breathe life into you. Kukas is the best place near Jaipur to visit during monsoon for its charming highway covered with blooming greens. Experience top-notch facilities and fine dining and stay with your family, we are sure you will make the most out of the lovely season. 


Best time to visit Pushkar

The six-lane beautiful highway that takes you to Pushkar itself will let you enjoy the weather at its best. The hilly serpentine roads and the rolling clouds can be witnessed at the finest on this trip. Once you reach the location, you can sit back and relish the rains, greenery and tranquillity. The temple in the Pushkar lifts up the essence of the monsoon as the surroundings rims with a cheerful atmosphere. With chills in the air and lingering hot malpuas of Pushkar, there would be nothing more you could wish for.   

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Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park

What can be more beautiful than the sight of nature with hundreds of birds chirping around and rains falling like a blessing? Yes, you can relate to this scenario, if you’re a bird lover and appreciate the beauty and wonders of mother nature. This monsoon head to Keoladeo National Park also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary for that extraordinary experience you are longing for. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this exquisite spot is the best place to visit near Jaipur during the monsoon. It is home to about 375 species of beautiful birds, besides it is also known for migratory birds from places such as Tibet, China, Europe and Siberia. A forest lodge here is an ideal place to take a halt and relax while enjoying the weather. 

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Kumbhalgarh fort

To experience the magic of the monsoon, there’s no better place than Kumbhalgarh. It would be your fun road trip welcoming you with pleasant and favorable weather to this destination. Known for its Kumbhalgarh fort and wildlife sanctuary, it is the best place near Jaipur to visit during the monsoon. With the clouds close enough to touch and the heavy rainfall, you can take an easy trek up to the fort and enjoy the rain pouring down along with the cool breeze blowing your hair. Monsoon is the right time that brings out the real beauty of flora and fauna at Kumbhalgarh!

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Bhainsrorgarh is an ancient fort that has recently become a popular tourist spot known for its riverside settings. This small holiday spot boasts numerous natural beauties including lush forests and the Chambal river that look truly spectacular during the monsoon. Apart from enjoying what nature has to offer, there is also a boutique hotel, Bhainsrorgarh fort hotel, where you can stay and relax in its verandah watching rain clouds and showers unfold before your eyes. This is exactly the kind of experience that awaits you at Bhainsrorgarh Fort, settled on a hill overlooking an expanse of the pristine Chambal River.

A visit to these places will surely be the best bargain for an incredible weekend. So, get ready to go on for a lovely monsoon getaway.

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