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Get the perfect Rajasthani look for wedding: Ideas for Bride and Groom

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Rajasthan has a rich cultural heritage and weddings are an important part of its traditions and customs. Rajasthani weddings are known for their grandeur and extravagance upholding cultural heritage. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event that marks a significant milestone in one’s life and everyone wants to look like a king or queen donning a royal Rajasthani look. A Rajasthani wedding look typically features vibrant colours and intricate details, drawing inspiration from the state’s rich cultural heritage. Bring out the royal in you and feel like a king or queen on your D-day with our guide on getting a Rajasthani look for wedding.

Rajasthani Bridal Dress

A Rajasthani bridal look always strikes in our mind whenever we think about royal Indian weddings. The stunning beauty of Rajasthani wedding outfits represents their royal charm and rich culture. Replete with bright contrasting colours and heavy handwork embroideries, Rajasthani brides look no less than a maharani on their D-day and their looks are absolutely iconic. Red being the most favoured colour of many Indian brides, they also go for colours like orange, bright yellow and appealing pink colour costumes.

The lehenga choli worn by the Rajasthan brides is generally created with a silk base and embellished with coloured stones, semi-precious gems, silken threads, traditional motifs and enthralling floral patterns with hand embroidery. The use of appliqué with intricate patterns embroidered in fine gold threads along with Gota Patti work enhances the richness of the Rajasthani dress for ladies. The intricate gold embroidery work beautifies the Rajasthani wedding saree or Ghagra. The wedding attire is incomplete without an Odhni, which is very heavily embellished and is worn over the head. This rich piece of garment is treasured throughout life and also passed down from generation to generation. 

Accessories that go with Rajasthani Bridal outfit

The Rajasthani bridal look is very different from other Indian brides as some of the jewellery is very unique and worn only by Rajasthani brides. 


Get into the aroma of traditional Rajasthan with Potli bags. Potli Bags is an ethnic hand clutch made with silk fabric and adorned with hand embroidery, gota patti or mirror work embellishments.  


Mojari and Rajasthani juttis are similar types of footwear. Rajasthani mojaris for women come in myriads of colours and embellishments. These are the most classic footwear available in velvet silk and leather material with zardosi, mirror and embroidery work.  


There are many popular types of jaipur jewelry to wear on wedding for the Rajasthan brides. A Rajasthani bridal jewelry set is usually made of Kundan or enamel work with precious stones.

Rakhri is the bridal jewelry for the forehead, 

Timaniya is a choker studded with diamonds, 

Chooda is actually a set of gold and ivory bangles, 

Bajuband is an armlet bedecked with gold and stones, Bichhiya is toe-ring for feet and 

Nath is the nose ring made of stones. 

Nail your royal Rajasthani bridal look with these Rajasthani bridal dress ideas

Gorgeous Red Bridal Lehenga

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The vibrant color red is considered a symbol of marriage in Indian weddings. Wearing a red outfit on the wedding day is an age-old custom that continues till today. A Rajasthani bride dressed in a red bridal lehenga is truly the center of attraction. The sindoori red lehenga showcasing heavy zari embroidery is a true conventional Rajasthani bride look. This vibrant color outfit paired with exquisite gold or Kundan jewelry represents the social status and wealth of the bride.

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Stunning Gota Patti Lehenga

Gota Patti Lehenga
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Gota Patti is a brilliant art form that is dearest to every Rajasthani bride. Crafted with inexpensive metals like gold, silver, and copper this lehenga makes a royal bride more attractive. Nothing can beat the elegance and charm of a vibrant and colourful Gota Patti lehenga. The intricate Gota Patti work on this traditional colours offers a spectacular charm to your personality. You can pair it with a matching Kundan jewellery for a memorable wedding look.

The Royal Bridal Dupatta

Bridal Red Jaklin Net With Stone Work Dupatta
© Amazon India

This gorgeous bridal net dupatta is intricately designed with gold zari and stone work. The Rajasthani bridal dupatta or Odhni is worn over the head. Embellished with stonework and zari embroidery these net dupattas are lighter in weight and also add a dramatic touch to your bridal look. These sheer net dupattas are a must-to-wear fabric in a Rajasthani wedding. Make sure to capture your stunning bridal look to create wonderful memories of your wedding. 

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Captivating Silk Bandhej Saree

Women's Bandhej Silk Saree

Another popular Rajasthani bridal dress is a pretty Bandhej saree. Dramatic and dazzling, the silk Bandhej saree offers you a bold and glamorous look of a royal queen. This traditional piece of silk fabric is the latest trend in Indian weddings. This subtle pink silk Bandhej saree with golden embroidery has its own charm and elegance. Wearing statement Matha Patti and Kundan jewelry is a sober and traditional Rajasthani bride look. 

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Leheriya Saree

Leheriya saree

Leheriya designs are the most famous Rajasthani textile prints that celebrate the rich cultures of Rajasthan heritage. These traditional prints have been present in Rajasthan since the 17th century. A yellow-colour leheriya saree designed in Gota Patti’s work is the most gorgeous print. The vibrant shade of this leheriya saree looks beautiful with marching lac bangles and Kundan jewellery. Style the saree with a falling pallu and pose like a diva during your pre-wedding ceremony.

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Sparkling Mirror Lehenga

Mirror Lehenga-Rajasthani wedding look
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If you are looking for a gorgeous marwari bridal outfit to add ethnic vibes to your wedding ceremonies then take inspiration from this Rajasthani wedding look. This mirror embellish lehenga has become a fashionable outfit in Indian weddings. Its sparkling shine will make you look extremely gorgeous on your wedding day. This traditional outfit studded with mirrors looks even more impressive with an exquisite Kundan jewellery set. 

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Velvet Lehenga

Velvet lehenga

The luxury and grace of this royal Rajasthani lehenga for weddings make it the most regal and timeless piece of fashion. An enchanting look of a beautiful bride in a red velvet lehenga makes a fashion statement at a royal wedding. The exquisite embroidery and patterns of the lehenga can take your bridal look a notch higher. Pairing this traditional outfit with gemstone jewellery is truly an impressive choice for the sangeet night.

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Traditional Rajasthani Rajputi Poshak

Rajasthani Rajputi Poshakk
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Have you ever noticed the beauty of a Rajput bride dressed in a traditional outfit? The traditional Rajasthani wedding dress of Rajputs’ brides also known as poshak are rich and finally decorated pieces of fabric. The Rajputana brides wear a loose and comfortable skirt called ghagra and a top known as choli with a heavy bridal Gota Patti dupatta. Pair it with a traditional Rajasthani jewellery set and you will look all royal.  

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Bandhani Print Ghagra Choli

Bandhani ghagra choli for wedding look

Another traditional Rajasthani wedding dress for a bride is a ghagra choli. The ghagra choli is usually made of cotton fabric and designed with zari embroidery. A bandhani print ghagra choli is a perfect choice for an astonishing look. This super light and easy-to-carry Bandhej ghagra choli are perfect for a breezy mehndi function.

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Elegant Bandhani Print Saree

Bandhani saree

Wearing a multi-color Bandhej print saree with new eye makeup and red lips is the most common marwari look makeup. Just like a Bandhej lehenga, Bandhej sarees are also show-stealers. The diamond motifs in darker hues of a bandhani saree can instantly grab the attention of your guests. A Rajasthani pre-wedding ceremony is the best time to flaunt this timeless craft.

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Things you should know about Rajasthani Groom Dress

The grooms of Rajasthan get dressed like royalty for their wedding day. The traditional Rajasthani look for wedding outfit of the groom consists of a long coat called Achkan with churidar and royal shoes. Their costume is highlighted by a turban, embellished with jewels or feathers. In order to tie the royal turbans, Pagribands are sometimes called in. Rajasthani grooms also sport a piece of jewelry called Serpech on the turbans. They also wear a long necklace and cummerbund around their waists, which makes them a royal and stately appeal.

Accessories that go with Groom outfit

If you think that only Rajwadi sherwani is quite enough to make you look like a king on your wedding day then you are wrong about it. There are various elements and accessories that you need handy in order to complete your Rajasthani Royal groom look. We are listing a few important ones here in this section right below.

Royal Safa

The pagdi or safa as popularly called in Rajasthan is an inseparable part of a complete Rajasthani Sherwani. A regal rajasthani pagdi made out of Bandhani cloth simply does all the magic. 


What makes Sherwani in Rajasthani look super unique is the fact that they are worn with a kamarband. Kamarband is a type of belt made out of Bandhani fabric or other material which is worn around the waist by men. 


The Rajasthani sherwani look is incomplete without carrying a sword with it. A sword in Rajasthan is seen as the symbol of honor and bravery and it is a custom to carry a sword in the wedding procession. 


If you think that jewellery is for women only then you couldn’t be any more wrong than this. The right kind of Kantha for sherwani and the brooch for safa and sherwani is quite important to complete the Rajasthani look for the groom. 

Latest and the Trendiest Rajasthani Sherwani to Make Wedding Shopping Easy!

Jodhpuri Suits 

jodhpuri suit

Not only sherwanis but Jodhpuri suits too, are quite popular in Rajasthan. The elegant Rajasthani suit for mens were a go-to attire for many Rajput kings. Not only in Rajasthan, but these sherwanis and Jodhpuri suits have turned out to be a super popular ethnic attire in entire India too. Jodhpuri suits are basically two piece suits made out of the same colored fabric. These suits have a real sophisticated appeal and look royal. So, when you are looking for some Rajasthani Sherwanis to buy, you can definitely opt for Jodhpuri suits too as they are fuss free and look quite amazing.

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Zari Embroidered Sherwani

mens embroidery sherwani

This is a really classic sherwani Rajasthani pattern in elegant beige colour, this sherwani has zari embroidery done on the raw silk fabric which makes it look quite regal. However, what grabs your attention the most here, is the combination of this sherwani with a shawl. The cream churidar pants along with golden coloured shawl looks extremely perfect for your wedding day and you can also team it up with a golden Kamar band to give that Rajasthani royal look to it. You can get this Rajasthani look for wedding to purchase on 

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Rajputi Achkan

Rajputi Achkan

Rajasthani Rajputi Sherwani is also popular as Rajputi Achkan and are very favoured in Rajasthan Jodhpur district. Royally crafted, this sherwani is a match made in heaven for you. It comes with a matching churidar bottom in white color. Although the full sleeves Rajputi achkan looks quite simple, the golden button in the front makes it look regal in no time. This is something every Rajputi man would love to wear on their D-Day and for kamarband, you can go for a matching belt too. 

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Heavy Achkan with dhoti

Heavy Achkan with dhoti

This peach coloured achkan is fitting for someone looking for pastel shade Rajputi or Rajasthani sherwani that’s currently the trend. The sherwani has a delicate golden colour print which makes it subtle yet grand enough for a special occasion. This sherwani comes with white churidar pants. We liked two features of this sherwani which are the collar and the edges of the sleeves. These areas have beautiful embroidery and stunning embellished thread work. This gives great versatility to the sherwani and makes it look quite appealing. To buy this sherwani you would have to contact the makers on Bannaand Baisa.

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Sherwani with jacket

Regular Kurta Churidar Pyjama with Bundi Nehru Jacket

Jodhpuri suit has always been a personal favourite for many men because they are fuss-free and quite comfortable to wear. This Jodhpuri attire looks no less than a power suit with a Rajasthani jacket. If you will notice carefully then the jacket has a very light print pattern on it which makes it stand out from the rest of the suits of its type. This entire suite is made out of a quality fabric with the jacket having front open with buttons and two pockets on both lower sides. To add some dimensions you can wear a brooch with this suit to look amazing on your big day. 

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Designer Achkan


You are going to fall in love with this epic sherwani Rajasthani pattern and you would instantly say a big yes to it. This designer achkan looks quite luxurious. It comes in navy blie colour along with white golden pants which are quite comfortable as compared to traditional Churidaar pants. Talking about the sherwani then it has a mandarin collar and full sleeves and the entire front open design which comes with button closure. The sherwani has got this stunning floral pattern on all over it. Moreover, the entire sherwani has beautiful print on it which is too good to be true. 

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Velvet Achkan

Men's Emroidered Velvet achkan

If you think velvet is a fabric which has lost its charm then you are totally wrong about it. We have brought you a very unusual but really striking piece of sherwani for Rajasthani look for wedding on your big day. This is a velvet achkan available in maroon colour. Not only that the fabric of this achkan is quite unique but the colour also. This Jodhpuri or Bandhgala suit comes in maroon colour for the upper jacket and beige colour for the pants. This achkan is something which is enough to make the jacket stand out.

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Premium Bandhgala Suit

Bandhgala Coat

The thing about Jodhpuri sherwani is that despite being so simple, they look quite elegant and this premium Bandhgala suit is quite a fitting example of the same. The combination is quite impressive and perfect enough to make you stand out from the crowd on your special day. We would highly recommend this outfit for a day wedding or your reception. While the pants are kept pretty minimal, this is the jacket with a mandarin collar which steals the show here. The jacket got self design of beautiful flower motifs all over it. 

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Three-piece Heavy Sherwani

Three-piece Heavy Sherwani
© Myntra

We have seen different types of sherwanis in Rajasthani pattern till now, but this one is a little different of them all. The green bandhgala kurta with matching  bandhgala sherwani or Achkan is quite amazing. This achkan is knee-length and has a mandarin collar and comes with white churidar pants. They have used brocade fabric to create this achkan which has a self pattern and stunning print on it. This beautiful achkan has front closure where you can button detailing till the waistline. We would highly recommend you to opt for this Rajasthani sherwani if you are looking for designer stuff. 

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The above-mentioned attires will make you look like a royal without much effort. These are the best outfits to go for when seeking a Rajasthani look for a wedding. Trust us! You will outshine as a groom or bride.

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