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Mumps virus cases rising rapidly in Jaipur, 6 patients become deaf

Mumps virus wreaks havoc, cases rapidly in Rajasthan, 6 patients become deaf, Adults getting infected with children's disease.

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Mumps virus is spreading rapidly in Rajasthan. Six patients suffering from this virus, including two children, have lost their ability to hear forever. Also, the hearing ability of many patients has reduced. As of now, there is no vaccine available in the government hospitals of the state.

Earlier, the number of cases of this infectious disease used to be reported in a whole year, and is now coming every day. Along with Jaipur, its patients are being found in all the districts of the state like Bikaner, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Ajmer, and Sikar. 

What is mumps? How is it different from normal flu and what are the measures to prevent it? Why are doctors worried about the increasing cases of this disease? Know all the details. 

Why is mumps a serious disease for children?

It is an infectious disease, which spreads from one person to another through coughing and sneezing. If timely treatment is received, children infected with mumps recover in about two weeks. In some cases, it may take more time due to severity. In such a situation, the brain, kidney and heart of children are also affected due to the virus.

Do not ignore the symptoms as normal

Mumps is a viral disease. Its symptoms are also like that of normal disease but one out of three patients does not show any symptoms. Sometimes symptoms of mumps appear two to three weeks after a person becomes infected. The initial symptoms are high fever, swelling around the ears. In severe cases the disease can spread to the brain, causing brain infection. 

If there is high fever, swelling around the ears and severe pain, it should not be ignored as normal. If the patient registers fever, headache and muscle aches, consult a doctor and start treatment on time. Patients infected with the disease have difficulty even opening their mouth. There is swelling under and around the jaws, which affects the ears. 

Cases are being found daily, not in a year

According to Dr. Mohnish Grover, senior professor of ENT department of Sawai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur, “The rapid increase in the number of mumps cases is a matter of concern. The mumps season is going on right now. Its effect lasts till April. People of all ages are falling prey to this infectious disease. Cases of hearing loss have been reported in many patients.”

Along with children, adults are also becoming victims of this disease.

Dr. Shubhakam Arya, senior ENT specialist of a private hospital, said that it is a viral disease. Two to three cases are coming daily. He feared that it could also be possible that the disease is resurgent. Even elders are suffering from this disease due to lack of vaccination. Mumps virus mostly affects children aged 2-12 years but these days it is spreading rapidly among adults. Its vaccine should be included in the national vaccination.

Removal from routine vaccination is worrying

Children were given Measles, Rubella and Mumps vaccine (MMR) after birth as part of the National Immunization Campaign. But for some years only Measles and Rubella (MR) vaccination is being given. Mumps vaccination is not being done.

Some conscious people are getting their children vaccinated against mumps in private hospitals at their own expense. For this they have to spend about Rs 800. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics has written a letter regarding inclusion of mumps in the national vaccination.

Cochlear implant is the only treatment

Treatment of a patient who has permanently lost his hearing due to mumps disease is possible only through cochlear implant. It is a small electronic device, which is fitted in adults and children. It contains a microphone, which converts sound waves into digital signals. Which are sent to the receiver through the transmitter.

The receiver sends them to the brain through nerves. Due to this the patient starts listening. Although some doctors say that it is not necessary that the implant proves to be 100% effective, sometimes it does not work properly after a few years. Cochlear implant costs around Rs 6.5 lakh.

Take these precautions in case of mumps

  • Mumps is an infectious disease, so patients should wear masks.
  • Isolate the infected person.
  • If the child is infected, keep him away from other children.
  • Do not share the patient’s clothes, handkerchiefs and utensils.
  • Wash hands regularly with soap.
  • If the child is infected, get him MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine.

Timely vaccination is the only protection from mumps.

According to doctors, a vaccine for mumps disease is available. Children should receive their first vaccination at nine months. Its two doses are given at prescribed intervals. Children are vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). It protects from this disease. Now it can be installed in private hospitals also.

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