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10 luxury wedding gifts for couples in India under Rs 5000

On a hunt for wedding gifts for the bride and groom? Running out of ideas on what to gift them. Here is a quick read to have a list of luxury couple gifts for weddings.


Your best friend’s or cousin’s wedding is a big event for both you and them; wishing newlyweds in a way that reflects your blessing and congratulations in the best way is all you will be wanting. This can lead to a dilemma as it’s rare for two people to like exactly the same things, so it means you need to think carefully when buying wedding gifts for couples. Therefore the marriage gifts you give should captivate even the pickiest of couples, and leave them with some brilliant and long-lasting memories. 

Couples at weddings usually receive photo frames, confectionery dishes and candle stick holders than they can possibly use. While these are all attractive gifts, they are also very expected and not likely to stand out and appeal very much to the new couple. So, sending a unique wedding gift to the newlyweds is of utmost importance. Here are a few heartwarming yet ideal wedding gift for couples in India that will not only reflect your best wishes but will make the couple cherish it for a lifetime. 

Best couple gifts for wedding 

There are many choices you can make when wondering what are the best luxury wedding gifts for couples. Listed are some ideas to help you find gifts for newly married couples on amazon that are loved and used for many years to come.

1. Marble Finish Coffee Mug set 

What about giving a set of matching coffee mugs? A coffee mug set that speaks to each other with words and a message that reflects an eternal relationship would be an amazing luxury wedding gift india. When couples spend a lifetime together they might want to tell the world that they have similar tastes and that they are beginning to think alike. This set of ceramic mugs will delight them as a gift that is perfect for them and their partner.

Marble Finish Coffee Mug set 
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2. A creative 3D Casting kit

A gift that lasts for a lifetime, a gift of togetherness is what makes an ideal wedding gift for couples. Many times, the most precious and adored gifts are those which turn out to be a delightful surprise to the couple. This 3D casting kit to cast their holding hands is one of the best wedding gifts for couples who have everything. It is sure to captivate even the pickiest of couples helping them mold their memories. This gift will show that you’ve really thought of this special occasion, how much you care for the couple, and how much their lives together mean to you. 

3D Casting kit for couple
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3. A Borosil Opalware Dinner set 

The best wedding gift for couples is to give the young couple gifts for the house they’re about to set up. It is a well-known fact that many newlywed couples usually settle in their own separate houses. They also have to set these houses up from the scratch; so, you can always present a gift that can add to their home decor or house accessories. It would be something different than usual and yet very useful for the couples. You can gift a classy dinner set that would be one of the useful wedding gifts that significantly aids them while arranging their home, or apartment.

dinner set gift
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4. Colour-changing Heart Led lamp

A couple will probably receive countless photo frames on their wedding but you can put a twist on the idea of giving a photo frame to turn it into a more imaginative wedding gift. A led lamp with a picture of the couple together is the perfect twist to usual photo frame gifts. This Personalized 7 Heart Color Changing 3D Illusion Led Night Lamp will leave them with some long-lasting memories. This marriage gift for friends will always be a memorable gift to cherish for several years together. But the choice of photo is ultimately down to you, so choose well!

led lamp
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5. A Perfume gift set for couples

Perfumes are undoubtedly everyone’s favourite. There is a huge variety available in the market for all of them. You can choose one or more of them according to the couple’s liking and their signature style. If you are not much aware of their choices a unisex perfume gift set will do it all. This Titan Skinn Perfume Gift Set for couples is the most loved perfume nowadays and will be loved by both of them as well. So, this classic wedding gift with a wish that their relationship is filled with fragrance forever will surely spell magic. 

Perfume gift set for couples
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6. A personalized Passport cover set

The new trend which is gaining popularity is the personalized Mr & Mrs Personalized Couple Passport Covers. These matching passports with their names engraved on them will make a lovely gift and is a useful gift for a newly married couple. You can also add charms to it to give it a more cool and trendy look. This gift would be the perfect choice when they are about to start a new journey in life and many trips together. This innovative gift concept is sure to be the favourite of the new couple for its usefulness and essence.

personalized Passport cover set
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7. A classy couple Watch set

If you are a very close friend of the couple and want to gift them something different yet romantic. This gift is just for you. The unforgettable wedding gifts are the ones that build love and romance in their relationship. Have you ever thought about the idea of gifting matching gifts for couples? Gifts like a couple’s watch display a message of love between them. This Titan Couple’s Watch is a perfect message that they are an ideal match and belong to each other. Also, it would be a great gift to the couple as a token of love and appreciation. 

classy couple Watch set
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8. Fun-filled Board games 

A compilation of board games can be a very innovative and useful wedding gift. Many couples love to entertain and have their friends over for dinner and conversation. While this in itself is an incredible deal of fun, presenting board games can be a great way to spice up the evening and bring laughter into the gathering. You can either gift a compilation of old favourite board games or you can also experiment with something new. Giving the couple a distinct board game or a selective collection of board games as a wedding gift can lead to many nights of fun for the couple and their family or friends. 

board games for family
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9. An instant smartphone printer

Newlywed couples embark on a new journey where they make numerous new memories. What can be a much better gift than a gift that preserves those memories? In today’s era when everyone clicks pictures with their smartphone, it rarely happens that those pictures get printed. A tech gift, a smartphone Instant Photo Printer would be one of the unique and exciting wedding gifts for couples. This luxury wedding gift for couples will help them print out their favourite photos instantly with a click.  

instant smartphone printer
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10. A Portable Barbeque Grill

Gone are the days when gifts meant envelopes or bouquets of flowers. These days you choose gifts that go with the character and lifestyle of the receiver. Couples who love parties and partying will love this portable BBQ grill as a wedding gift. Believe us it would be the most treasured gift for your party lover couple. This luxury wedding gift is something different from usual cookware items that would definitely gain appreciation. This foldable charcoal Barbeque Grill with 8 skewers and a charcoal tray would impress barbeque lovers. 

Portable Barbeque Grill
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These heartwarming luxury wedding gifts for couples is always widely appreciated. A wedding gift like this is likely to stand out from the more traditional gifts. The new couple is sure to greatly appreciate these unique gifts.

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