Fountain Square Park: Jaipur’s Newest Showstopper!

Have you visited the newly opened Fountain Square Park yet? Do visit and enjoy a vibrant musical evening at this beautiful place to visit in Jaipur at night.

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Jaipur’s City Park recently gained a new attraction – Fountain Square Park, known for its dazzling music and light shows. This recent addition is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. While it’s not a separate park, it’s an extension (Phase 2) located across from the main City Park in Mansarovar. With its large musical fountain and water screen, Fountain Square Park makes for a perfect weekend getaway.

The park’s grand opening on March 15th, 2024, was an impressive event that left everyone amazed. From the intricate design to the beautiful features reflects the careful planning and effort invested in every aspect of the project.  Costing roughly ₹40 crore, this stunning public space is a gift for everyone to enjoy.

Fountain Square Park Music and Light Show

Fountain Square Park fascinates visitors with its mesmerizing musical fountain. Water and light weave a beautiful dance, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates visitors. In the evening, the entire Fountain Square transforms into a dazzling display of colorful lights.

Fountain Square boasts two fountains: the smaller “English Fountain” and the grand “Central Fountain.” While the Central Fountain is impressive during the day, it truly comes alive at night when bathed in colorful lights. This magnificent display features water cascading down three tiers, reaching a height of 30 feet.

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Water screen

The magic of the Central Fountain goes beyond its water display. A special “water screen” has been incorporated, acting as a canvas for a captivating light and sound show. This show projects a video documentary showcasing the rich Rajasthani art and folk culture, adding a whole new dimension to the fountain’s nighttime spectacle.

Architecture Beauty

Fountain Square Park’s beauty is amplified by several architectural elements. Ten graceful arches frame the park, while four corners come alive with majestic white marble lion sculptures. But the real stars of the show are the four “Chhatris.” These are elaborately carved, semi-open dome structures built from the renowned Bansi Paharpur stone, a specialty of Bharatpur. Together, these features create a visually stunning and historically significant space.

Prime features of Fountain Square Park 

  • Musical Fountain: The main draw of the park is its large musical fountain. The fountain comes alive in the evenings with a spectacular display of water jets dancing to music and lights.
  • Relaxing atmosphere: The park offers a relaxing space with lush lawns and water flowing through the fountains creating an exquisite ear-pleasing sound. Just coming here to sit and listen to the sound of water is itself therapy! It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the ambience.
  • Amphitheater: The park features a 500-seater amphitheater specifically designed for watching the musical fountain show. The shows are a popular draw, especially on weekends when the crowds can get quite large.
  • Food Court: A green plaza and food court are also constructed at Fountain Square Park. At the Food court, you can relish appetizing fast food at a fair price while eyeing the musical fountain show. However, it is under development and has not started yet. 
  • Exhibition Ground:  An exhibition ground is also developed near Fountain Square Park. The bustling park is adorned with decorative lights, creating a vibrant atmosphere to host cultural programs, shopping fairs, exhibitions, etc. Nearly 200 people can be seated here to enjoy the exhibition on this ground.

Whoever visits this beautiful park, praises the beauty of the fountain show and the overall park design. If you’re looking for a place to unwind and enjoy a unique light and water show, then be sure to add Fountain Square Park to your itinerary when visiting Jaipur. With a mix of nature and urban charm, Fountain Square Park is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a peaceful evening in this bustling city.

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Best Time To Visit Fountain Square Park

The best time to visit the Fountain Square Park Mansarovar is no doubt in the evening when the Fountain Square show starts. The vibrant colors of the fountain dance along with music create a mesmerizing experience that should not be missed. Prefer to visit during weekdays to avoid large crowds that can disrupt your enjoyment. 

Timings to visit Fountain Square Park

Timings at the park are precisely executed, with gates opening promptly at 5:00 pm and closing at 10:00 pm every day of the week.

Even the highlight of each evening the musical fountain show begins right on cue at 6:00 pm, captivating visitors with a symphony of water and light. 

Fountain Square Park Tickets Price

Though it is phase 2 of the Mansarovar City Park, it will require a separate entry fee of Rs. 50 per person. You can plan your trip to Fountain Park pairing it with the city park. Visit the city park during the day, and then come back in the evening to immerse yourself in its beauty. 

Parking Charge

  • For Two-wheeler: Rs.20 
  • For Four-wheeler: Rs.50

Location of Fountain Square Park

Situated right across from the city park, all it takes is crossing the road to reach this hidden gem. There are two entry and exit gates, at Aravali Marg and at VT Road. Aravali Marg’s entry is not open yet. Tourists can easily enter from the VT Road gate.

Address: 53/38, Padmini VT Rd, Ward 27, Mansarovar Sector 5, Mansarovar, Jaipur

How to Reach Fountain Square Park

Getting to Fountain Square Park is a breeze! Whether you prefer a quick e-rickshaw ride, a comfortable metro journey (if you’re staying near a station), or a convenient city bus, there’s an option for everyone. Frequent buses run from all over Jaipur to Mansarovar, making the park easily accessible.

Metro Station: The Mansarovar metro station, located just 3.5 km away from the Fountain Square in Jaipur, serves as a convenient gateway for visitors looking to explore this vibrant park.

Railway Station: Jaipur Junction, you are just a short 8.5 km distance away from the bustling city park fountain. 

Airport: Fountain Square Park is conveniently located just 8 kilometers from Jaipur International Airport, making it an easy addition to your Jaipur itinerary.

Bus Stand: Sindhi Camp, the busy bus stand of Jaipur is just 10 km away from the serene park. 

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