Rajasthani Juttis for Men and Women

5 Affordable Rajasthani Jutti for Men and Women under Rs.500

Want to own a footwear that is both traditional and stylish. Known for their versatility, here are 5 affordable Rajasthani juttis for men and women.


Popular for its good old-fashioned beauty, grandeurs, aristocracy and valuable heritage, Rajasthan is a state that also has a long lineage of handicrafts that are exclusive and varied. Rajasthani jutti is one of those incredible handicrafts of Rajasthan that is praised worldwide. Rajasthani juttis showcase the colorful side of the desert state and being an important part of Indian ethnic dresses, the Juttis of Rajasthan with exquisite designs are a perfect souvenir to take back home. 

For those who love being traditional, stylish and pacing up with fashion, Rajasthan Juttis are the footwears you can’t afford to miss out. These are handcrafted to keep the tradition alive and ensure that you don’t miss the style in them. Let’s look at 5 affordable Rajasthani jutti for men and women that are a must-have in the closet. 

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Rajasthani Jutti for Women

Rajasthani jutti for women are available in plenty of beautiful designs, colors and embellishments. Enlisted are the 5 affordable Rajasthani Jutti for women that will ensure that your money is valued and make you look impressive wherever you step in.

1. VS1 FASHION MODE Ethnic Rajasthani Handmade Jutti

Comfy, dressy, pocket friendly – all these words are apt to define a pair of this black Rajasthani jutti. No matter if your closet is full footwear, your shoe wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of embroidery Juttis. These black jutti with golden thread work is super versatile and work well with any Indian ensemble. These come with tie up lace and pom-poms that will make you fall in love with them.

VS1 FASHION MODE Ethnic Rajasthani Handmade Jutti

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2. Tryfeet Women’s Mojari  

These are the bare minimum yet adorable juttis, and they look well with both denim and traditional clothing. This pair of printed juttis with beautiful design of flowers is the perfect footwear that lends a special aura to your personality with less effort. Gone are the days when juttis were adorned on oy ethnic outfits. These Juttis are all the trend, and this one is specially the allrounder

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3. Riyashi Women’s Jutti 

This brown pair of rajasthani jutti is all time wear and looks very sober and sophisticated. When paired with a decent attire, juttis look very professional and stylish. No matter what is your office dress code or your own unique style, this pair of comfortable yet elegant juttis in your wardrobe will definitely be the perfect match with any attire. 

Riyashi Women's Jutti

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4. VS1 FASHION MODE Rajasthani Jaipuri Embroidered Jutti Slipper

Rajasthan is popular for its mirror work that dates back to the 17th century. This beautiful pair of juttis is embellished with machine-cut mirrors and goes well with any ethical clothing. Although the mirror work is silver, threads of similar color are used in the embroidery. Whether you want a lively look or a festive look for a wedding, match your outfit with this lovely yellow pair of Jutti having mirrors to show off your distinct style.

Rajasthani Jaipuri Embroidered Jutti Slipper

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5. Yo Women’s Daily Party Office Wear Rajasthani Mojari-Jutti

Want a delicate and feminine look to flaunt on any special occasion? This pair of Rajasthani jutti for women is the apt choice. These pretty pink juttis with gold thread or zari embroidery will give a hint of legacy to your look. Highly elegant and beautiful, these will definitely draw attention and compliments. Adding a hue, these colorful juttis will add a bounce to your walk also because they are super comfy and soft.

Multi Color Embroidered Rajasthani Jutti

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Rajasthani Jutti for Men 

Gone are the days when only women used to have variety in footwears. Today men too get assortment of options in footwear. These are 5 Rajasthani jutti for men that are perfect for every style and ocassion, plus, they are super comfy!

1. Rajasthani-Fashion Men Kolhapuri Design Leather Ethnic Mojari Slipper  

These beige coloured Rajasthani jutti is everyone’s love, be it a small traditional ceremony or a big event. Perfect to go with sherwanis and jesnsboth, this pair of jutti gives a traditional touch to your wedding, casual party and spreads your charm. Not just for weddings or festive times, you can match this Jutti with your western outfit for a trendy simple look. The grace of this jutti will undoubtedly suit the fashion taste of every individual.

Rajasthani-Fashion Men Kolhapuri slipper

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2. Pluxh Men’s and Boy’s Traditional Ethnic Jutti

A ethnic yet modern looking jutti is everyone’s first choice. This genuine leather black colored jutti enhances the personality of the wearer. It is perfect to add on to your outfits for any occasion whether it be a party, wedding or any of the other. These Juttis are not just lightweight and flexible but attractive enough to catch everyone’s attention. These are the most preferred option due to their durability and comfort. With a bit of a traditional feel, you can put on these juttis without compromising on style. 

Pluxh Men's and Boy’s Traditional Ethnic rajasthani Jutti

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3. Unique Sports Men’s Jutti

This is the most commonly seen rajasthani jutti or mojari for men. The Nagra juttis are famous among men for its curled up tip like a mustache end, a unique badge of pride among Rajasthani men. Inspired by the Mughal architecture, these rajasthani juttis known as Nagra’s are curated with precision by local women and artisans. They have a little different shape from the basic mojaris. These brown-coloured jutti for males give a Rajasthani feel at a mere first glance. 

Unique Sports Men's Jutti

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4. AR Men Rajasthani Ethnic Jutti Brown Leather Mojari Shoe 209 

Handcrafted Rajasthani leather slip on jutti which resembles a chatai look fits perfectly for whatever you want them to be, and they go right with anything you want to wear. Team this brown (camel) color mojari with any traditional outfit for a cool look. They do not need much care, just wipe clean with a soft dry cloth and you are good to go. You can also match it better with your office wear or even the casual outfit for all your weekends’ services.

AR Men Rajasthani Ethnic Jutti

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5. Vellinto® Men’s Black Ethnic Juttis Mojaris

Rajasthani jutti is a little bit different from the usual juttis. This camel coloured stylish rajasthani jutti are ideal for those who are not much into traditional look and prefer modern yet comfortable look. These jutti style footwear are great to flip your feet in, and they get you covered better. They meet the needs of every occasion you plan to attend, and you will not be the odd out trust us.

Vellinto Men's Black Ethnic Juttis Mojaris

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Well, you will never get short of options when it comes to Rajasthani juttis. With these affordable rajasthani jutti choices, there’s always going to be space for more. Now that you know these various types of juttis, which ones are you planning to buy? 

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