PUNO – A Trampoline Park in Jaipur to get you thrilled!

Kids often demand a fun-filled outing. It becomes confusing for parents to plan a family outing that makes them happy. Fabulous outings need great places and coming back recharged and fresh. So ditch the cliché outing plans like going out for a movie, shopping, or just going to a restaurant or cafe and choose one […]

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Electric Vehicles for rent in Jaipur

Electric Vehicles will soon be available for rent in Jaipur

After diesel-petrol vehicles, preparations are being made to provide electric vehicles for rent in Jaipur.

If you don’t own a car but wish to go on a drive, now it will be possible in the Pink City, Jaipur. With the increasing interest in tourism, the trend of vehicle rental schemes is increasing rapidly in the major cities of the state including the capital Jaipur. The vehicle rental scheme became the […]

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EV purchases in Rajasthan

Subsidy on all types of EV purchases in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan government announced a subsidy on all types of e-vehicles purchases. The buyers will also be freed from motor vehicle tax.

The subsidy will be available on all types of electric vehicle purchases in Rajasthan. Motor vehicle tax will also not have to be paid on Electric Vehicles. The government has approved the Rajasthan Electric Vehicle Policy (REVP). As per the Transport Department and the State Government, An additional budget provision of Rs 40 crore has […]

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Monkeypox alert issued in Rajasthan

Monkeypox alert issued in Rajasthan

The health department has issued an alert regarding Monkeypox in Rajasthan, travellers from Europe, Australia, and US will be traced.

The health department of Rajasthan issued an advisory on Monday regarding Monkeypox after its cases were reported in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA. Given the cases of monkeypox found in these countries, the state health department asked officials to remain alert and keep a check on people. According to the advisory issued by the Health […]

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Jungle Leopard Safari jaipur

Jaipur becomes first city in India to have two leopard safaris

After its inauguration on Sunday, Amagarh Leopard Safari is now open for tourists, bookings can be done online. Checkout the details.

Jaipur with its historical heritage is now gaining popularity as a major wildlife destination. Already recognized for leopard safari in Jhalana, elephant safari in Amer, and lion safari at Nahargarh Biological Park, Jaipur has added a new wildlife destination, Amagarh Leopard Safari. Amagarh Leopard Safari in Jaipur is now open for tourists from today. After […]

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