108 and 104 ambulance service closed

108 and 104 ambulances closed in entire Rajasthan including Jaipur, patients getting worried

The company did not receive the payment of 48 crores, stopped more than 600 ambulances, even after the closure of the ambulance, the medical department continued to refuse, while the company kept standing outside the office. Due to a payment dispute with Rajasthan Government, more than 600 ambulances including 108 and 104 ambulance closed across the state including Jaipur from Tuesday night to Wednesday. The ambulance […]

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Attack on Dussehra procession in Rajasthan, Curfew imposed and Internet shut down

Communal tension and clashes erupted after stone-pelting on a Dussehra procession. Curfew was imposed and internet services were shut down in Rajasthan. The incident happened in Malpura town of Tonk district on Wednesday morning. According to the reports, some unidentified miscreants pelted stones on the procession taken out on Vijayadashami. A sudden stone-pelting caused panic […]

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