Best places a nature lover must visit in Jaipur during monsoon

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Life breathes in every nook and corner of Pink City and it all becomes amazingly beautiful when monsoon magic falls over this city. If you want to witness the real beauty of the pink city, the monsoon is the best time. The pink city adorned with the raindrops and incensed with the mesmerizing petrichor gives you a blissful feeling wanting you to capture the serenity. This breathtaking atmosphere sways us to go for thrilling rides and indulge in the aesthetic pleasures. There are a few best places to visit in Jaipur during Monsoon that are at the peak of their beauty and should be chased by you! 

So, if you are planning to step into Jaipur along with the raindrops and thinking of the best places to visit in Jaipur during the monsoon, then visit these places to have a heartwarming experience!

Man Sagar lake:

jal mahal
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Man Sagar lake is the perfect place to appreciate the beauty of the Jaipur monsoon along with the incredible architecture of Jal Mahal. This place becomes the soul of Jaipur in Monsoons, where every person loves to just sit by and watch the tiny droplets falling into the magical lake. The mesmerising view of Sunrise and Sunset are the best times to get some beautiful pictures as the monsoon spells a magical touch and freshness all around nature. Soak in the art and aesthetics of this place and admire egrets and herons chirping and flying over the vast lake.


Smriti Van:

Smriti Van Jaipur
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Smriti Van is a fitting evocation of unique natural beauty. The walkways of Smriti Van look like they are canopied with trees home to many species of birds. The gorgeous green surroundings of the monsoon and the stimulating smell of the dry earth getting drenched will completely enthral your senses. If you love to capture birds, this is the heaven of extremely colourful and varied birds. Smriti Van attracts a lot of birdwatchers during the monsoon. This place has some stunning spots of scenic beauty and so you should not miss packing your cameras before leaving for this lovely escapade.

Jaigarh Fort:

Fort Jaigarh

Jaigarh Fort is a vantage point in Jaipur that is beautified to an all-new level after the monsoon. Accurately placed atop the highest altitude, this fort overlooks the Amer Fort and Maota Lake. The area around flourishes with greenery after rains and thus offers the most splendid spectacle. During monsoon, this masterpiece is a treat to the lens of a photographer’s camera.



Lying on the edge of Aravalli hills, Nahargarh simply presents a spectacular scenario amidst the showers and breeze in the monsoon. The allure reaches its peak with dense clouds around and the road to Nahargarh turns into a brimming source of joy when the monsoon is its guardian. If the weather is not very cloudy, you can vouch the sun setting on the great city and soon afterwards the sight of house lights coming on is simply breathtaking. Nahargarh Fort is a favourite among Jaipurites to visit especially in rains. 


Padao restaurant nahargarh

Just go up to Nahargarh and sit at Padao, an open-air restaurant, and you will automatically get your perfect clicks. Rain is so chaste and beautiful in this land of beauty that even while sitting at the Padao and sipping on hot chai, you would feel goosebumps. This place gives you an exotic view of Jaipur city, especially during the night when you can see the city spark in its glory. To savour the rains, you can enjoy some Garma garam pakoras and a bhutta in your hand. This place offer you a wonderful picnic spot to go with your loved ones. It gives you a view of the Walled City you can die for.

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Maota Lake:

Maota Lake

Below the superb Amer fort, lies the Maota lake which is a visual delight during monsoon. This beautiful lake wraps the pink city in its charm making the Jaipurites fall in love with it. This place becomes an absolute photographic landscape when the raindrops meet the surroundings. Anyone with a penchant for photography will visit Maota lake during rains to capture the breathtaking photo-ops of the Amer Fort. The lake is a calm spot where you can gather your thoughts and sit in the soothing view sipping tea.

Chand Baori:

Abhaneri village of Dausa district that has been a popular tourist destination.

95 km from Jaipur, Chand Baori or Abhaneri step-well is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Created back in the 8th century, it is one of the deepest as well as the largest step-wells in India. The incredible structure is 64 feet deep and consists of 1000 perfectly symmetrical narrow steps, stretching 13 storeys. The stepwell is one of the most photogenic places. It looks even more tranquil during monsoon as the water fills in the Baori. The beauty which this Baori would conjure for your lens is something beyond comparison!

Panna Meena ka Kund:

panna meena ka kund

Panna Meena ka Kund or stepwell near Amber fort is one of the treasured places which if visited during Monsoon, you will remember it throughout your life! Although all the stepwells have their magical aura, this one is comparatively less populated and shines out its real vibrancy during rains. Panna Meena ki Baori, the famous hangout spot picturised in Rang De Basanti, is a serene spot to sit by with your friends and talk about life. The cascade fills up the step-well in monsoon, and although it’s not advisable to swim, one can definitely float in thoughts

Albert Hall Museum:

Albert Hall Museum

Residing in the Ramniwas Garden, Jaipur, Albert Hall is the oldest museum having classy Indo-Saracenic architecture. This place becomes the most picturesque when the pigeons sit on its chattris or fly all around under the sky. The magnetizing beauty this place carries turns glittering during monsoon. The teal sky, lots of birds, the beautiful architecture gives you a filmy backdrop in the rainy season. 

Trekking trails:

Trekking In Jaipur
There are many options for trekking in Jaipur.

Jaipur is blessed with astonishing natural beauty and you can find numerous trekking trails to cherish the rainy season. These trials will let you explore nature in the best way. As everything gets greener the adventurous trekking points also become majestic. Try Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev, water valley trek, Achrol fort trek, Hathni Kund for experiencing the monsoon bliss. The view from the above will leave you awestruck. 

There is no place more ideal than a drive to these amazing places to visit during Jaipur monsoon. These places become a photographer’s paradise during the monsoon. Get ready to indulge in the aesthetic pleasures and enjoy the heavenly showers of the season embarking on these places.

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