Popular Jaipur jewellery

Popular types of Jaipur jewellery to wear in wedding

Want to style up your wedding outfit with popular jewellery from Jaipur? Know about the types and designs of jewellery in Jaipur that are loved worldwide.

Jewellery is something that every woman craves and when it comes to wedding jewellery, it has to be nothing less than perfect. The jewellery should make an impression and also offer a look of sophistication and elegance. Jaipur jewellery is one of India’s most magnificent types and has attracted women from all across the globe. […]

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Jaipur fabrics: Know everything about fabrics and textiles of Jaipur

Jaipur fabrics have a distinguished identity in the world due to their artwork and uniqueness. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Jaipur the pink city has immense beauty to scrutinise in its formidable forts, exquisite shrines, magnificent palaces and beautiful gardens. Jaipur apart from offering myriad historical monuments, palaces and forts patronize several arts too. One such art is reflected through Jaipur fabric. Jaipur fabric attracts plenty of visitors every year on its active streets selling […]

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Valentine's Day gift ideas

Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas to delight your special someone

Worried about what gift to choose for your partner this valentine's day? Here's curated a list of best valentine's day gift that can never go wrong.

Valentine’s day is a scary day for many as one is supposed to be caring, romantic and has the best gift possible on Valentine’s day. And if you happen to be a guy, shopping is definitely not your forte as compared to girls. Getting a right Valentine’s Day gift is perhaps the most complicated thing […]

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jaipur market

Top Jaipur wholesale market that won’t leave you broke

Everyone loves to shop and when you get things at the cheapest price, who would resist? Here are the best wholesale markets of Jaipur to get you geared up for a shopping spree.

No matter how many big stores/malls are erect, the charm of traditional markets still wins a shopaholic’s heart. The booming malls and showrooms may provide the customers with ease of shopping being every product available under one roof, but there is different contentment we get strolling from shops to shops enjoying the shopping spree. For […]

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Best saree shops in Jaipur

Best wedding saree shops in Jaipur for brides to shine bright

Be it an engagement, pre-wedding functions or the D day, it calls for endless planning sessions. Of all the preps, the most fun-filled part is the wedding shopping. When it’s about the special day, dressing regal or in a designer outfit makes everything just right. And when it’s about choosing an outfit for weddings and […]

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Teej outfit from Best clothing stores in Jaipur

Get your Teej outfit from Best clothing stores in Jaipur

Are you ready to flaunt your Teej look or your shopping is still pending? Buy beautiful teej outfit from these best clothing store in Jaipur.

Teej Festival also called Saawan festival signifies the outbreak of the monsoon season. It celebrates the holy union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and the flourish of nature during the monsoon. The most anticipated festival, Teej is known for its scintillating and traditional outfits worn and dressing up of ladies. Women shop for their […]

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Best Jewellery Shops In Jaipur

Best jewellery shops in Jaipur to buy blings this Dhanteras

Indian festivals are known for their exuberance and vivacity and so is Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali. On this auspicious day, Indians indulge in shopping, buying gold and silver jewellery and new utensils. It is said that buying these items on Dhanteras brings good fortune. There could not be a better time to update […]

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