Top cinema halls in Jaipur

Top 10 cinema halls in Jaipur for Soulful Moviegoers

Everyone loves to go for a good movie! Take a look at a list of the best cinema halls in Jaipur that include vintage as well as modern multiplexes.


”Pink City”, “Paris of India”, and “Rajwaro ka Shahar” –  these are only a few aliases for Jaipur. The most fitting alias for Jaipur, however, has to be “the art and culture capital of India”. This city is a big name in art and culture and has witnessed many theaters, dramas and plays since ancient times. However, in the present era, movies are the only popular mode of expressing art and Jaipur has a rich film-viewing culture. This is evident in the city’s numerous movie theaters. Jaipur offers a striking amalgamation of the old and new. From heritage single-screen theaters that reek of nostalgia to new-age multiplexes with 4D viewing facilities – Jaipur has it all. Each of the cinema halls in Jaipur has a unique charm and ensures that you have a memorable cinematic experience.
We’ve conjured up a list of thoroughly unique and novel movie-watching experiences that’ll add a dash of the offbeat to your movie times – scroll on, bookmark and head on over!

Best movie theaters in Jaipur

If you are one of those few “cinephiles” and die-hard movie lovers then you will surely go watch a movie in one of these best cinema halls of Jaipur. Here we share some of the must-visit cinema halls and multiplexes in the city. 

Raj Mandir Cinema

Not just Jaipur, Raj mandir is the best cinema hall of India as well as Asia. Since its first release Charas on 1 June 1976, Raj Mandir was considered as the finest architectural building in the history of the cinema halls. It is one of the city’s most prominent single-screen theaters most specifically known and visited for its stunning meringue-shaped architecture and larger-than-life ambiance. Constructed in the Art Moderne Style of architecture, its high ceilings are adorned with beautiful chandeliers, it has carpeted floors, crafted walls and everything about the place is royal and traditional. 

Raj Mandir Cinema jaipur

In today’s time, we have almost forgotten about the time when curtains used to roll up, theaters screening only one movie at a time, and eating the best samosas in town. The Raj Mandir cinema hall offers an unforgettable movie-viewing experience with its royal ambience and traditional theme. They raise the curtain the traditional way before starting the screening of the movie. Now, it holds a position among top tourist destinations of the city. Even if you aren’t much of a movie buff, you should visit Raj Mandir Cinema to witness its sheer architectural splendor.

Address: C-16, Bhagwan Das Road, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur

Golcha Cinema

With plush multiplexes mushrooming around the city, single-screen theaters had become a thing of the past. Some continue with the legacy of being unique and special and are still a center of attraction for the visitors. Golcha Cinema is that ancient theater in Jaipur that has stood the test of time. Earlier known as Prem Prakash cinema, it is now renamed as Golcha cinema and has transformed to a Multi screen cinema with three screens. Located almost in the center of the city Golcha Cinema claims to have come up with the first 70 mm cinema screen in Rajasthan. 

Golcha Cinema jaipur

Inaugurated in 1954, it is the perfect embodiment of Jaipur city having a striking pink-coloured structure. Though it has been renovated to keep up with the demand for modern amenities, the seating space is less. But still, the theater retains its old-world charm and offers an excellent movie-watching experience, making it worth a visit as compared to the new, modern-built multiplexes and cinema halls in Jaipur. Owing to its excellence, Golcha still hosts most of the film festivals in the city, including the annual Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF).

Address: Choura Rasta, New Gate, Bapu Bazar, Pink City, Jaipur

Gem Cinema

Due to urbanization, single screen cinema halls have lost their major significance. Most of them have shut-down and some are under refurbishment but among all. Gem Cinema is one of them. It was once the favorite among movie lovers but somehow lost its battle to multiplexes and drew its shutters in 2005. Constructed in 1964, Gem Cinema played host to the biggest stars of Indian celluloid. It was the second hall in the country to have such a sophisticated system; it played Bollywood movies through the week, and twice, a Hollywood movie. It was the favorite choice for cine goers for its 10 am show for English movies, especially the James Bond movies. 

gem cinema jaipur

Fortunately, the heritage theater has been revived and reopened after regaining the soundness of structure. It has become a major attraction of Jaipur attracting a lot of crowd owing to their affluent interiors and age old tradition. With the cavernous art deco and slight hints of mid-century modern architecture, it has a sight synonymous with Jaipur’s cityscape. When it is the time where you will hardly find anyone who will say “3 se 6 wala show chale?” Gem cinema still follows the tradition of rolling curtains and running a single show at a time. 

Address: MI Rd, Bapu Bazar, Biseswarji, Jaipur

Polo Victory Cinema

Gone are the days when we Jaipurites used to go to single screen cinema halls for entertainment! But this cinema hall in jaipur is one of the most popular and oldest theaters in Jaipur still running and is worth a visit. You can experience a royal cinematic experience here. However, not many are aware of its history related to the polo sport. This historic cinema hall in Jaipur is a reminder of India’s Victory when India won the Polo World Cup in 1933. Owner of Polo Victory Cinema went to England with the Indian team in the same year, so in memory he created Polo Victory Cinema. The Governor of Independent India  Lord Mountbatten inaugurated the Polo Victory Cinema. 

Polo Victory Cinema jaipur

It was one of the first cinemas in the city, remodelled to comply with the multiplex culture. Since then it has been the favorite of jaipurites with the passing years and stands tall as a popular landmark and entertainment hub. It is also one of the few vintage cinemas in Jaipur that screen Hollywood films. This theatre is qualified with modern luxuries such as relaxed seats with sufficient legroom, world class sound quality, and amazing digital projection. It also houses a small food court with kiosks selling popcorn and other munching treats at reasonable prices. 

Address: Station Road, Opposite Kanji Hotel, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur 

Kohinoor Cinema

Located around 16 km from Jaipur, Kohinoor cinema is one of the first few cinemas opened in the Sanganer area. This theater is named after a world famous diamond found in India. It has been renovated recently for a top-notch cinematic experience. You can combine your visit to Kohinoor cinema with the vibrant craft workshops and Jain shrines of Sanganer. 

Kohinoor Cinema jaipur

Apart from its great features, Kohinoor Cinema is popular for its affordable ticket prices. The food court also offers popcorn and other munchies at reasonable rates. Kohinoor Cinema is a must-visit if you are not in mood of visiting the same multiplexes in Jaipur. This cinema hall in Jaipur is the perfect place to spend a memorable afternoon escaping from the scorching heat.

Address: Station Road, Sanganer, Jaipur

Paras Cinema

Situated near Jorawar Singh Gate, Paras Cinema is one of the oldest and best-rated cinema halls in Jaipur. Even though there are springing multiplexes in the city, Paras Cinema holds a special place in the hearts of Jaipurites. This single screen theater with its pink building has witnessed its transformation in 2019 to keep up with the rising demand for new-age facilities. 


Switching from the archaic pink-walled theater to its urban avatar, Paras Cinema features plush seats, a Dolby Digital sound system, a high-quality projection system, and an impressive food court. Despite the contemporary facilities, the theater offers movie tickets at reasonable prices. It is also famous for its quiet aura and generous staff.

Address: Jorawar Singh Gate, Amer Road, Near Raj Palace, Chokdi Gangapol, Jaipur

Entertainment Paradise

Entertainment Paradise, commonly known as EP is a vast, modern multiplex theater with a banquet hall and marriage gardens. Its plush seats, large curved screens, and excellent acoustics, makes for an immersive movie-viewing experience. The multiplex also houses a terrific lounge where you can chill out if you have some time to kill before the show. Featuring 3 roomy cinema theaters with decent interiors and neatness, this is the most preferred cinema by family audience.

Address: Jawahar Circle, Jaipur

‘If you are visiting Jaipur for a short time, watching movies won’t likely be on your itinerary. However, a visit to one of the ancient movie theaters will give you a glimpse of the city’s culture and tradition. Apart from this, some of the newly built multiplexes are also famous for their class apart interior and services.’

Inox, Crystal Palm 

inox crystal palm mall

Crystal Palm mall in Jaipur another famous hangout place for the Jaipurites trailing by WTP and GT. Inox, located on the third floor of Crystal palm is highly preferred by most of the youths. It is a 3D theater that hosts most of the Hollywood movies along with showing the latest Bollywood releases. For a perfect end to your movie outing, it also has Mcdonald’s and Pizza Hut on its ground floor. Though you have to bear  a slight pocket pinch for a memorable cinematic experience, INOX offers all the high-end amenities 

Address: 4th Floor, Crystal Palm Mall, Sahkar Circle, Sardar Patel Marg, Jaipur

Inox, Pink Square

INOX movie theater at Pink Square

The INOX movie theater at Pink Square mall is popular for its decent and sensible crowd. Among all other Inox, this gives you a great movie-viewing experience with big screens and excellent audio. This exquisitely designed multiplex is among the most popular cinemas halls in Jaipur. Impressive interiors, recliner seats, high-resolution screens. Ticket prices are a little on the higher side, but the state of an art amenities justify the cost. If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of your favorite Bollywood stars as Pink Square is the most preferred place for celebs to promote their movies.

Address: Pink Square Mall, Plot No. 1 & 2, Govind Marg, Raja Park, Jaipur

Cinepolis, WTP

When it comes to the shopping malls in Jaipur, World Trade Park is likely the first name that strikes everyone’s mind. It makes it obvious that this mall will be home to one of the best multiplexes in Jaipur. Cinepolis of WTP is the best among all cinema halls in Jaipur. It has a record of showcasing the highest number of shows daily. While the tickets are slightly high-priced, the state-of-the-art ambiance and top-notch acoustics justify the higher price point. It not only shows the latest Bollywood and Hollywood releases but also lets you enjoy 3D movies. Moreover, it has four auditoriums that screen movies throughout the day. Make sure you set aside some spare time to explore the stunning mall before or after the show.

Address: 1st Floor, World Trade Park, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur


While the multiplexes offer an advanced cinematic experience, the historic cinema halls take you on a trip down memory lane. Whatever be your choice, these are some top cinema halls in Jaipur where you should step in to enjoy beautiful Cinema. So what’s stopping you from watching all the newest and most awesome flicks at theaters. 

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