destination wedding in Rajasthan

5 beautiful cities to plan your destination wedding in Rajasthan


“Romance, Drama, Architecture, Culture, Tradition and Beauty – a perfect blend of everything comes together when you plan a destination wedding in Rajasthan.”

The thought of a royal wedding, the feeling of getting ready, and being a bride or groom under a royal palace or fort excites anyone who is planning a destination wedding in Rajasthan. When choosing Rajasthan as your wedding destination one can look forward to lavish properties, forts, palaces, rich folk culture and traditions imbibed in food and music, its heritage, clear blue skies, serene lakes, sand dunes, the weather (Winter – best season to plan wedding) and last but not the least, royal hospitality.

Be it the Pink City (Jaipur), City of Lakes (Udaipur), Sun City or Blue City (Jodhpur) or the Golden City (Jaisalmer), each of them has such dreamy properties to host a perfect royal wedding making it special in its own way.

To make this a little easy for everyone planning their wedding in Rajasthan, we have curated a list of wedding locations which will help you make a perfect choice. 

1. Jaipur:

The “Pink City” is the capital of the desert state of Rajasthan. With Indian culture and rich heritage, this city has a lot to offer. It has become the most promising and emerging destination wedding venue to cater to every need. It has palaces for grand weddings as well as private luxurious properties for intimate weddings. If you want to experience the beauty of Jaipur and its atmosphere, then winter is the perfect time to plan your wedding. The weather is absolutely pleasant to step outside and make the most of it.

2. Udaipur:

Udaipur the “Venice of the East” is a unique combination of ancient tradition and incredible beauty which makes it the perfect location for destination weddings. It’s considered India’s most romantic city with beautiful landscapes, gorgeous lakes and natural sites, Grande Palaces, Luxury Resorts and hotels. Getting married in a palace, in the middle of a lake or at a lakeside resort with a beautiful sunset view – whatever your preference may be, Udaipur has something for everybody. Book the best budget wedding venues in Udaipur near the beautiful spots and get the perfect view on your d-day.

You can find so many beautiful spots for your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoot especially in Udaipur. Hire a professional photographer in Udaipur beforehand to capture the pure and pretty moments of your destination wedding and other ceremonies.

3. Jodhpur:

A wedding at the “Blue City”, Jodhpur could be a mesmerising and breathtaking experience to walk with your soulmate. Jodhpur as a destination wedding place is one of the most sought-after places among young couples. While the majority of couples head to Jaipur or Udaipur for weddings, Jodhpur is perfect for couples who wish to have an intimate wedding away from the hustle-bustle of commercial cities. It is an ideal destination to marry in a romantic atmosphere and with royalty serving as a backdrop. The grandeur of the city, picturesque Forts and landscapes and Romance of the desert make it a full package. It has the best venues where you can plan your wedding.

4. Jaisalmer:

India’s Golden City and one of the vibrant cities in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is characterised by captivating dunes, traditional culture, fairy tale decor and delicious, finger-smacking food. Destination weddings at Jaisalmer let you witness traditional Indian ceremonies as well as casual western ones with infinite possibilities. Filled with beautiful palaces, forts and Havelis, Jaisalmer is no doubt a perfect wedding destination in Rajasthan.

5. Pushkar:

The majestic touch of Rajasthan augments with impeccable natural beauty – you can plan your wedding in Pushkar. It is famous all over the world for its Holi celebration. This quaint spiritual town also has a beautiful Pushkar lake which serves as an exquisite pilgrimage site for Hindus. It is also popular for its scenic beauty – surrounding the magnificent Aravalli ranges and sublime desert. Nestled in a beautiful area in Rajasthan, hosting a destination wedding at Pushkar would be the perfect way to embark on your new journey.

Apart from the wedding destination, anyone planning a wedding in Rajasthan should many more factors. Always consider the factors such as the cost, budget, guest list, event venue, wedding itinerary, booking accommodations & a budget-friendly location. However, the “new normal” is having a close affair or intimate wedding with a few guests. This drastically bring down your wedding budget. This would in turn let you choose the royal wedding destination you always dreamt of. What else can be more amazing than being able to wed at one of these locations of the royal Rajasthan? So, which is your favourite wedding destination in Rajasthan?

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