domestic airlines in India

All domestic airlines in India will operate at full capacity from October 18!

The government eased the restrictions after reduced covid cases, the Ministry of Civil Aviation allowed all domestic flights to operate with full capacity from October 18, Monday.

Considering the continued reduction in COVID cases and rise in domestic air passengers in the country, the Ministry of Civil Aviation on Tuesday permitted all scheduled domestic flights to operate with full capacity from October 18. There is a sequential monthly rise in domestic air passenger traffic in India since July. Keeping a view on […]

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Heart attack

Increased risk of Heart attack among corona patients: Take care of these things

20% increase in cases of heart disease after the corona period. Patients who recovered from Covid are more at risk of getting heart attacks.

On World Heart Day, the well-known cardiologists of Jaipur talk about the increased rate of heart problems among Covid patients. They made people aware of the risk and the things one should take care of.  As per the cardiologists, Covid patients should be more careful about their heart health even if they have recovered. Research […]

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schools reopen in rajasthan

New Covid guidelines released, schools from 1st to 8th to reopen

After the reduction in corona cases, the Rajasthan government has released new covid guidelines. Schools from 1st to 8th reopened, 200 people allowed to attend weddings.

After the decline in Covid cases, the Home Department has issued a new guideline for this on Friday. Now schools from class 1st to 8th will open with 50% children, parent’s permission will be mandatory. The Rajasthan government has now decided to open schools for classes from 1st to 8th. From September 20, schools will […]

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Ban on public events in Rajasthan anticipating a possible third wave

The state government has put a ban on all public events till further orders in a move to prevent the spread of a possible third wave of Covid-19.

The Rajasthan government has put a ban on organizing social, political, sports, entertainment, cultural and religious functions, processions, fairs and exhibitions to prevent the spread of the Covid third wave. The principal secretary carried out a message to all the district collectors, police commissioners and SPS. As per the instructions carried out by the home […]

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Tinnitus affecting corona patients

After black fungus, Tinnitus affecting corona patients

After Black fungus, cases of a new infection named Tinnitus is found in people affected from coronavirus. In, this patient experiences sudden hearing loss or ringing sound in the ears.

Before the third wave of Covid-19, another infection has been seen affecting the people. A new infection named Tinnitus has been reported as a side effect among the people affected from coronavirus infection.  Side effects of corona are still being seen in patients who have been infected after the Covid-19 infection. After infection, cases of […]

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Rajasthan reopen schools and colleges

Standard Operating Procedure for opening schools issued

New rules for the opening of government and private schools have been issued by the Education Department with strict SOP. Schools will open from September 1.

After a long wait, schools in Rajasthan are going to open again from September 1. In the initial phase, only children from class 9th to class 12th will be able to attend schools. For this, a list of rules has been prepared and issued by the Education Department. Preparations have been begun for opening private […]

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Rajasthan reopen schools and colleges

Rajasthan government will reopen schools and colleges from September 1

Schools in Rajasthan will reopen for students from 9 to 12 from September 1. Colleges and coaching centers will also open; Offline classes will start with 50% students.

As the effect of Covid infection is decreasing, efforts have intensified to bring the educational system back on track. Under which preparations are being made by the state government to open schools and colleges after September 1.  Schools, colleges and coaching centers will be able to operate with 50% capacity from class 9th to 12th. […]

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No Vaccine No School

Schools will not open in Rajasthan until the children’s vaccine comes

Schools in Rajasthan will not open for about one and half months more and will only open once the vaccine arrives for children.

After the suggestion of experts Rajasthan schools will now not open for the children before the vaccine arrives. Experts suggested not opening schools for the safety of the children in fear of the third wave of Covid.  According to the experts, “The third wave of Covid is anticipated to arrive in September and children are […]

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11 cases of double mutant Kappa variant of Covid-19 found in Rajasthan

After Delta, Eleven cases of the Kappa variant of Covid-19 have been detected in Rajasthan, state Health Minister Raghu Sharma said on Tuesday; These are delta-like double mutants and more rapidly spreading, but less lethal. There has been a sense of fear in Rajasthan due to the finding of a new variant Kappa of Corona. […]

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School reopening extended

Rajasthan government rejected the proposal to open schools

Schools will not open in Rajasthan for junior students. The state government rejected the proposal by the education department to open the schools in fear of the third wave. The education department wants the schools to be unlocked. Although the state government’s new guidelines have been issued to open multiplexes and cinema halls, no decision […]

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