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Hundreds of native and migratory birds died around Sambhar lake


Death of more than a thousand migratory birds around the country’s largest saltwater lake, Sambhar lake took the Jaipurites in shock. 1,500 birds were found dead migratory birds dead in sambharon Sunday in an area of ​​five to seven kilometers around the Sambhar Lake. Sambhar Lake is one of the most favroite pre wedding destinations in Jaipur. The authorities, including people from the administrativeforest departmentan NGO and a medical team reached the spot soon after receiving the information. Medical teams from Jaipur have been sent samples of dead birds to Ludhiana and Bhopal labs.

According to the report, about a thousand birds of fifteen different species were found dead around Sambhar Lake on Tuesday morning. The cause is still mysterious. The viscera samples have been sent to the forensic lab, the National Institute of High-Security Animal Disease Center, Bhopal. The investigation report will come in 4-5 days, only after that, the cause of death of birds will be revealed.

The veterinarians suspect that the reason for death may be water contamination or algae poisoning, but were awaiting viscera test reports. The condition of many birds was such that they could not even get up on their own. Forest authorities have initiated rescue efforts and removed many injured birds from the lake and got them treated.

Ashok Sharma, the joint director, State Disease Diagnostic Centre, said that “once the reason is ascertained further steps will be taken. It is possibly not a case of infection, but if it turns out to be the case, further steps will be taken to make sure that the infection doesn’t spread.”

sambhar lake birds dead jaipur

As per the Forest Department officials, the case of death of birds seems to be 10-15 days old. Approximately 1,000 to 1,200 birds, including some resident species, were found dead in the lake. We buried them quickly to prevent the spreading of infection, if any.

The dead birds, mainly include Ringu Flavor, Kentis Flavor, Tinip Flavor, Black Tail Stilt, Green Stint, Gargane, Common Code, Lesser Wijsslig, Rough, Northern Surveyor, Pallas Girl, Caspian Gal, Pied Avocet.

The lake hosts about 2-3 lakh birds, which include about 50,000 flamingos and 1,00,000 waders every year. The lake is also a favorite of stilts, stints, garganey, gulls and several other species of birds.