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Free Jaipur Metro Ride for kids on Children’s Day


Today, on Children’s Day the state government has given gift of free Jaipur metro trip to children in Jaipur. Children up to the age of 14 years are enjoying free rides in the Jaipur Metro Train.

As per the information received, the state government initiated this free trip today with an aim to create awareness among children of the working of Jaipur Metro. The government wants to increase awareness and attachment so that children can inspire their parents to travel to Jaipur Metro. Jaipur Metro is suffering from a lack of passenger load, this free ride will hopefully increase the number of passengers.

The state government is getting around 500 school children to ride Jaipur Metro together. During the ride, children will also get to know about the functioning of Jaipur Metro. The district collector will also be present during the visit of the children. Children will be given a ride from Mansarovar to Chandpole together. After this, a return trip from Chandpole to Mansarovar will be done.

Children and their parents started arriving at the metro stations from early morning to enjoy the gift of free travel in Jaipur Metro on Happy Children’s Day. However, there was not much rush in the morning, but as soon as the children reached the metro station and came to know that their ticket would not be charged and they could travel for free, they had a smile on their faces.

A tourist named Seema who was on her visit to Jaipur says that it was nice to travel in Jaipur Metro when I came to know that my brother and I would not get charged for the tickets, I was very happy. The parents also liked this gift of the state government.

Earlier, during the summer vacation this year, Jaipur Metro offered a concession in fares on the children’s group metro ride. Since then, children from more than two dozen schools have taken a ride on the Jaipur Metro.

The Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation has started focusing on children in view of the shortage of passengers in Jaipur Metro. In view of the response received from children during summer vacation, Jaipur Metro had sent a proposal to the state government to provide free travel for children up to 14 years on Children’s Day, which was approved by the government.

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