Things to do in Jaipur

Things to do in Jaipur

Places To Visit Rajasthan Tourism

Jaipur conjures of traditions, trendiness, class, majesty, freedom, and newness. Mere its name brings up images of extravagant architecture, colorful fabrics, awesome handicrafts, and delicious food and amazing festivities. It’s a lively city that offers the right mix of modern city luxuries along with great heritage places. Millions of travelers from all across the world come to enjoy a revitalizing holiday as it happens to be the most popular tourist attractions. There is an endless list of things to do in Jaipur.



There are lots of attractions in the form of magnificent forts, palatial palaces, gorgeous gardens, historical monuments, heritage sites, terrific temple, lively local bazaar, etc. Tourists love to explore these astonishing places of Jaipur. There are countless places to visit in jaipur.


Rajasthan wildlife is famous across the globe. Ranthambore National Park near Jaipur is one of the most famous wildlife destinations of India. It has several things that provides adventure in jaipur. It is a Tiger Reserve boasts of a good density of tiger population. A variety of other wildlife species are also spotted here. It is also home to several species of birds. It remains open from 1st October to 30th June. Sprawling over an area of 392 sq km, the Park also has a wonderful fort inside it. Go on a Jeep safari for wildlife sighting in the park. Apart from that Jaipur has Leopard safari park, elephant and camel riding, nahargarh biological park, cycling tour and hot air ballon by skywaltz and the list is very long.


The city’s culture
The city’s culture

One of the best ways to gain an understanding of the city’s culture is to attend the various fairs and festivals organised there. Year around there are many exciting and multicoloured fairs and festivals in Jaipur that are full of festivity, celebration, and gaiety.


Traditional dishes from the best food joints and eatery options
The traditional cuisine of Jaipur

In Jaipur, you can savour various street food items and traditional dishes from the best food joints and eatery options. The traditional cuisine of Jaipur is too mouthwatering. The food in Jaipur reflects indigenous traditions that are complex. Head this way to explore best places to in Jaipur. Embarking on a ghee fuelled tastebud fulfilling journey is one of the best things to do in Jaipur.


As soon as the night falls, this magnificent city comes alive with light and vivid colors in some amazing night club, pubs, and fun-filled discotheques. The effervescent nightlife in Jaipur is amply highlighted pubs , bars and cultural shows that are held frequently in the city.Try places such as Aza, Blackout, Amigos, the dragon club and many more. These are well lit up and are especially captivating in the evening. Replay at Tonk Road is also a great pub style music venue you must visit. It has created quite a buzz ever since it opened its doors.

Colour Bar in Raddison Blue is bright and modern night club having live pasta and barbeque grill. One can enjoy a drink at the rooftop with a poolside and colored lights offer a nice and breezy atmosphere.

Palladio is another eclectic restaurant located at Hotel Narain Niwas in Nahargarh palace where you will enjoy a romantic dinner with an alluring view and great food. It is beautifully blue with brimful of charm and history.


Jaipur is a shopper’s paradise. A visit to Jaipur is incomplete without exploring its colorful bazaars. The famous pink city has traditional shopping centers where you can get fantastic local merchandise, cultural clothes, jewelry and other things made in Rajasthan. From pottery, antiques, and jewelry in semi-precious, precious and cheap verities to textiles, handicrafts, gems, and leather goods, you can get just about everything in the markets. Head this way to explore shopping in jaipur. The endless varieties and great bargaining options will keep you busy for hours and hours.

Stay in Jaipur

Apart from its architectural treasures, Jaipur is also famed for its world-class hotels. These hotels are well known for their warm hospitality and contemporary facilities. It has lots of world-class staying options all equipped with contemporary amenities, but having a traditional Rajasthani touch. Visit Jaipur and enjoy a fabulous stay in these hotels. These accommodations are classified into categories like luxury, budget and five-star hotels in Jaipur. Some of the forts and palaces of the medieval times have been beautifully transformed into heritage hotels to offer an authentic peek into the lifestyle of former royals.

Spa and Yoga

There are several spa rejuvenation centers which relax your body and mind, relieving all the stress, providing you a calm and soothing experience. Kerala Ayurveda Kendra provides massages using Ayurvedic techniques, skin care healing, and yoga. You can also avail services like oil therapies, Panchakarma therapies, skin care, and beauty therapies along with massages for foot, facial, back, head and full body. Go for a variety of massage packs available here such as Aroma massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage,and Ayurvedic massage.

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