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Bar Palladio: An essential Jaipur experience with a glimpse of Italy

Palladio is one of the best-designed bars in our country having its status as a global design icon. A must-visit spot when you're in Jaipur.

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Who doesn’t wish for a quick escape to a dreamy, candle-lit wonderland where there is no congested city life? Welcome to Bar Palladio – a perfect European style restaurant-cum-lounge in the gardens belvedere in historic Narain Niwas Palace Hotel. The hotel already has an enchanting and classy ambience making it the ideal place for a relaxed, romantic setting in Jaipur. Bar Palladio is the perfect place if you want to experience the luxury of Venice without giving up the mood and colour of Rajasthan.

Talking about the Bar Palladio, its every archway and every corner is a beauty to explore. With its air of extravagance, this space delivers a taste of a simpler, more elegant era and the indulgence of a lifetime. Let’s have a sneak-peek into this mesmerizing space. 

The names behind the creation 

Barbara Miolini and Marie-Annie Oudejans are the names behind the creation of this elegant and exquisite space. Barbara Miolini, a Swiss-Italian owner of Bar Palladio, used to work for Villa Cipriani before she moved to Jaipur a decade ago to open a textile factory. She envisioned the Bar Palladio as a spot where visitors from across the globe could come together, swap their stories, find inspiration, and unwind. She collaborated with Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans (a name behind fashion label Tocca). They both arrived at the design for one of the finest restaurants of Jaipur. Their 8 long months of work made their exotic dream a reality.

Their love for local heritage, a vision to create an escape that echoes the best of Italy and India resulted in a space that reflects a beautiful amalgamation of class and culture. The restaurant-bar is a blend of the charm and history of Asolo and the grandeur and culture of Jaipur. Bar Palladio got its name from the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. he iconic shade of blue that camouflages Bar Palladio was handpicked by owner Barbara Miolini. 

Architecture and Design

You can spend your entire life going around places and never really noticing them, but once in a while come to a place that takes your breath away. Yes, it’s the Bar Palladio with cerulean and cream interiors that transport you to an old-world fantasy.

Comprising two private dining rooms, a covered balcony, an open space with multiple tented canopies and small bonfires, the restaurant, Bar Palladio is a perfect example of what careful curation can do to a space. This tastefully done up restaurant in Jaipur has got everything that makes our hearts race a little faster; Breathtaking views, sumptuous décor, and peacocks wandering across a palace from the 1960s. It’s easy to slip into a world of fantasy where you are wearing that jewelled crown, walking in a courtyard lined with tented pavilions and a pathway dotted with candles. 

This peacock-blue restaurant is a grand, gorgeously acknowledged fantasy whose tented ceilings and custom-printed floral banquettes evoke Mughal-era splendour. The major part of the design at Bar Palladio is inspired by the region’s tradition of wall painting. These designs on the walls resemble the design of the gates of Jaipur. Its bright blue walls and hints of a white tie the entire space together. Glorious neon colours that adorn the linen at this bar breathed a new life into the block printing art of Jaipur. The Rajasthani Frescoes and low seating resembles the settings of baithak of the old era that are typically Jaipuri. Jali lamps that adorn the main bar are imitations of those in the Jama Masjid at Fatehpur Sikri. These elements are offset by a custom black-and-white checkered marble floor and balustrade that lines the roof. 

The bar is the best of both worlds having grand European furniture set together with block prints and embellished Mughal art. A local artist Vikas Soni lent his talents to the ornate frescoes with white-on-blue and, conversely, blue-on-white of florals, local birds and wildlife on the walls of the innermost area. While there are regal lions carved in marble, similar to 20th Century Venetian cafes guarding the bar. The peculiar beauty spans every element of the design from the pistachio and gold-rimmed tableware to the English style furniture and textile, block printed with regional flowers. The chandeliers, lanterns, furniture, open canopied seating, interiors and every little detail come together in perfect harmony.

The highlight feature of Bar Palladio


The vibe and ambience of Bar Palladio make it the most stunning bar. The elegant interior stands out from the predominantly pink landscape of Jaipur. The blue of Bar Palladio is royal and traditional with Italian roots. It is much more than just a fantastically picturesque place; it’s a sort of glamorous living room where locals, expats, and visitors can smoke and drink the day away. The restaurant is sure to excite your own imaginations of settling to Jaipur. Or, at the very least, you will be looking forward to revisiting the city.

Things to do at Bar Palladio?


At Bar Palladio, they have a beautiful evening of food, fun, relax and drinks. Whether you’re there to meet up with someone or just while away the hours there’s plenty to try! You could savour the expansive Italian menu as well as get to know the clients who come from every corner of the world. Then unwind the day on one of the open canopied cast iron sunbeds, the perfect place to watch a sunset and sip an iced cocktail. Also, Bar Palladio conducts a new cultural series of films and performances twice a month. It’s located on the premises of Hotel Narain Niwas which also has a pretty splendid shopping complex, showcasing local designers. Don’t forget to check that out.

Bar Palladio is much admired for presenting classic Italian dishes amidst wonderful lighting and startling decor that spells true intricacy and royalty. They have a delicious fixed course menu, alongside this, the Bar will be serving signature cocktails. The most loved delicacies here mark the Gnocchi, Fried Meatballs, Gazpacho, Spaghetti, Chicken Milanese, Tiramisu and Chocolate Marquise. You must visit this bar in the evenings, at night the bar reveals its true magic. Not just in the evenings, the opulent bar is also the perfect place to grab lunch. 

At the End…

Palladio is where you’re likely to find all the cool youths or tourists in Jaipur. Make sure you make a reservation ahead of time, especially if you’re going during tourist season. 

So, if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy classic Italian flavours and a kingly ambience, Bar Palladio is where you need to be. A taste of Indian architecture with European sensibilities in all its glory aided with a wonderful selection of Italian dishes, make the place a must-visit.

Location of Bar Palladio

Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, Kanota Bagh, Narain Singh Road, Jaipur

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