Things that will make you obsessed with Jaipur’s Winter!

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The winter season has arrived and it’s time to embrace the winter chill. For most people, it is the time of the year when they search for the best places to visit during winter in Jaipur. While for some, the chilling temperatures lower the mood. Travelling can provide them with the motivation to get through the coldest months of the year. So, get ready to beat the winter blues by taking a break and travel to the Pink city.

Jaipur is one of the country’s most popular winter holiday destinations. The winters in Jaipur is one of the most delightful of all the seasons. While the rest of the country fights the cold, winter is the start of Jaipur’s great weather. The touch of pink weather adds sheer natural beauty to this pink city. The atmosphere turns from intense hot to amusing cool with warm sunny days. It is the weather of Jaipur that makes it the best destination to visit during winter


Be it an adventure, sightseeing or spirituality, Jaipur is incomparable in drawing tourists from all over the world. So, make your way for a sojourn to explore the best destinations to visit in winter in Jaipur. Let’s explore the things that make Jaipur a favourite winter destination for the locals as well as for those who travel to Jaipur.

Shop your heart out

Handicraft items
Handicraft items

The mere thought of shopping makes a travel period even more special. Strolling through the colourful markets of the city lined with vibrant shops will definitely make you fall in love with it. Shop authentic Rajasthani clothes, accessories, handicrafts, shoes and jewellery that have their distinct mark in the city as well as all over the world.

  • Handicraft items – Mirza Ismail Road is popular for exquisite handicrafts of Jaipur such as marble items, miniature paintings curated by Jaipur artisans.
  • Gemstones and jewellery – If you want to get your hands on some real exquisite pieces of gemstone and jewellery of Jaipur, head to Johari Bazar.
  • Leather products – Visit Nehru Bazaar for the very famous Rajasthani jootis or mojaris and other leather products.
  • Clothing – Johari Bazaar and Bapu Bazar for Rajasthani clothes such Leheriya and Bandhani print saree, suits, and other outfits.

Tourists and Jaipurites alike gather from the four corners of the globe for shopping in this popular shopping hub.

Exploring the charming city

Explore jaipur city
  • Walkthrough the ancient streets – Nothing can be much better than exploring a city than strolling across its small lanes? These busy streets gives you a true glimpse of the cultural beauty of this city. Don’t miss out taking a walk through the Statue Circle and around the Jawahar Circle Garden.
  • Roam in the lush green gardens – Gardens like Kanak Vrindavan, Central Park, Smriti Van provide beautiful and relaxing walks, where you can finish the afternoon with a walk, ride a bicycle along with one of the meandering paths. In winter, these gardens seem very beautiful and serene as it seems like nature has bestowed all the blessings. You will see the charismatic and scenic beauty of nature scattered everywhere, making the whole atmosphere fresh and full of positive energy.
  • Tour the monuments – Summers and heat keep us deprived of touring the best destinations in winter in Jaipur to the fullest. Winter is the perfect time to explore palaces, forts, and temples of Jaipur. Go on an elephant ride at Amer fort, exploring the mysteries of Jantar Mantar, photo clicking at Hawa mahal, hopping at City palace to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Love for Winter treats

Til ke laddu

When the temperatures keep dropping outside, we love devouring our favourite winter foods. Outing in winters in Jaipur, Rajasthan becomes one of the things you will not want to miss due to the delicacies of this city. This city has a host of winter food items for all kinds of tourists with varying tastes.

  • Sweets of Jaipur – When it is cold and dreary outside, please your senses with sweets of Jaipur. Sweets made of Jaggery and sesame seeds that are the speciality of Jaipur. Good ki chikki, Til ke laddu, and Jaipur’s Gajak are the must-have winter specials of Jaipur. A steaming hot cup of milk with crispy Jalebi and Rabri Malpua warm up your body and soul in cold winter weather
  • Rich food – Apart from the sweets, Rajasthani cuisine of Jaipur such as Jaggery mixed with Bajre ki Roti, Hot Daal and baati dipped in ghee, hot fried Pyaz ki kachoris is popular all over India and abroad. Nothing can compare to the bliss of tasting winter comfort foods of Jaipur that makes you feel better in an instant.
  • Chokhi DhaniChokhi Dhani and its scrumptious Rajasthani food suits perfect with the winter timing. You can spend your entire day at this village themed restaurant enjoying several activities especially during winters.
  • Spend time at tea points – Last but not least, Tea lovers get a variety of tea flavours to sip on. Zafran chai and kulhad chai at famous tea stalls of Jaipur is a genuine delight to have on breezy evenings.

Fun at Festivals and Events

Jaipur literature festival
Jaipur literature festival

The thought of festivals at this time of the year makes this period even more special. Colourful events and festivals are the signature element of this city. You can feel the aura of festivity with a lineup of festivals and events which paint the city with vibrant colours.

The full-fledged new year celebration, world-famous Pushkar fair, renowned Jaipur literature festival, glittering Jaipur Jewellery Show-JJS, Jaipur music stage at the renowned Jaipur Literature Festival, kite flying are just to name a few of them you can expect when you visit Jaipur.

kite festival in jaipur
kite festival

Tourists and Jaipurites alike gather from the four corners of the globe to witness and participate in the awesome fun events hosted in winters. 

Dreamlike Weddings

rajput wedding

The city is not only known for the best winter vacation places in Jaipur for the family but also loved for planning destination weddings. One can find great entertainment options in Jaipur winters. Jaipur will make you obsessed with it wedding due to below reasons.

  • A romantic destination for the wedding – For those who are seeking a romantic setting and a terrific wedding destination during the winter season, Jaipur is the place. The romance pervades the city during the winter season.
  • Feeling of Royalty – Jaipur is a state of the art place where royalty and artistic excellence of bygone days are still very much prevalent in society and go hand in hand with today’s lifestyle.
  • Backdrop – People from all over opt Jaipur as their ideal wedding destination as it offers the best backdrops and a feel of the royal wedding. Getting hitched or attending a wedding in Jaipur not only fills you with the love that’s in the air but also keeps you entertained to your heart’s content.

Apt time for Adventures


This city offers prime beauty during the winter season. This doubles the enjoyment for those who are seeking out a fun and action-packed winter getaway. A mix of sightseeing and adventure rides will be a wonderful experience you shouldn’t give a miss this winter. 

  • Trekking – Explore the rocky trails of Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev, water valley trek, Achrol fort trek, Hathni Kund trek and many more.
  • Safari trips – Try going on Safari trips. There is jeep safari in the wildlife sanctuary and camel safari through the city or around. We are sure you will have an experience that you might’ve never had before
  • Adventure sports – Let your adrenalin flow enjoying the countless adventure sports in winters of Jaipur. Be it a cycling expedition, elephant ride or other sports activities, there are lots of options for adventures in Jaipur. An outing in winters in Jaipur, Rajasthan to provide you with a fun-filled experience. Jaipur gives you a complete package of thrill in winters.

By now, you would have gotten many reasons to visit and fall in love with the Jaipur winters. During winters this city is a wonderland of fun and excitement for Jaipurites and tourists alike. There are no chances that you will regret visiting Jaipur. The pleasant weather of Jaipur lets you witness the beautiful side of the chilly season. The city offers the best-suited winter vacation places in Jaipur for family and friends.

So, whenever you plan to make a trip to Jaipur, make sure that you enjoy the winters to the fullest. When are you planning to visit this winter wonderland?

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