Nahargarh Biological Park

Nahargarh Biological Park A Lifetime Wildlife Experience


Just like there is no age for playing video games, there is no age for heading to a nature trail too. Rajasthan is home to a wide range of wildlife sanctuaries and parks that have been sustained till date. With numerous choices that have been made available in the state, Nahargarh Biological Park in Jaipur is a place you must opt to discover the wild.

A day might arrive when these creatures will become extinct due to constant deforestation and pollution. Then, you will only be able to see them in pictures. However, in order to avoid such a time, you need to gain knowledge about saving the environment. Taking your child to a wildlife park is the best way to do this, which you can do at the Nahargarh Biological Park.

The historic Pink City has seen a turbulent and sometimes violent history. Due to this, the city of Jaipur was heavily fortified. Of them, Nahargarh Fort stands as a silent reminder of the resilience of the Indian people. A small portion within the premises of this fort called the Nahargarh Biological Park, the largest zoological park. It has been well maintained for tourists to visit and have a trail of the jungle. Amazing artwork can also be seen at this exotic park.

Top Attractions in Nahargarh Biological Park

Situated in the district of Jaipur in Rajasthan, the park widens horizons for an exciting family holiday in Jaipur for nature lovers and adventure junkies. Away from the crowd of the city, this quiet and peaceful place is nestled alongside the Aravalli hills,17 km away from the Jaipur city center, spreading over an area of 7.2 sq km. It has a perfect natural environment and is a boon for animals as well as wildlife lovers across the globe. Earlier it was a rescue center for the lions, tigers & other wild animals rescued from circuses & persona captivities, now it has been converted into a biological park. The conversion was started in the year 2013 and was completed in March 2016.

Later in June 2016 Ram Niwas Bagh Zoo or Jaipur Zoo has also been shifted to the Nahargarh Biological Park. Nahargarh Biological Park was known as an abode of Tigers for decades. And now, not just the tigers, this lush green park shelter a gamut of other animal and bird species. This can be best experienced with Elephant Safari that is one of the top adventure in jaipur . There are currently 23 lions and 12 tigers and around 250 species of birds in the National Biological Park. Also, 450 species of plants which include some rare and herbal species are available here.

The Nahargarh Elephant Safari is a unique experience for tourists to appreciate and enjoy nature in a very exciting and enjoyable way. Several species of wild animals and birds are inhabitants of this Exotic park which are worth mentioning. The Elephant Safari gives you a bird’s eye view of them. You can spot several exotic animals like Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Lion, White Tiger, antelopes, swamp deer, chinkara, spotted deer, Pangolin Jackal, Common and Desert Fox, Striped Hyena, Jungle Civet and Fishing Cats, Sloth Bear, Himalayan black bear, Caracal, Gharial, Crocodile, Wild Dog, Wolf, Ratel, Wild Boar, Rhesus Monkey and Langur. Recently, the Exotic Park has become home to a pair of hippo and will soon have animals that are not common in India like Ostrich, Zebra, and a few more.

You can also see hundreds of migratory waterbirds here during the winter season. A large cormorant, Grey-legged goose, coot, pin-tail, teals are common of them. The birds like a golden back woodpecker, Indian pitta, are also spotted in surrounding forests. While the local bird such as white-naped tit, short-eared, black-partridge, peacock owl, Grey Hornbill, tree-pie, various falcons and other birds are also found in this park.

Nahargarh Biological Park or Exotic park not only adds to the tourism of Jaipur but also is a great way to educate people and their kids about the rich natural habitat of the country. So, Get ready to spend your family vacations with exploring this dense forest with tigers lazing around and nature at its best. There is nothing more valuable and soul-cleansing than time spent in nature. This can bring to a beautiful end to your holiday trip!

Things you should keep in mind while planning to visit NAHARGARH BIOLOGICAL PARK

Eatables are not allowed in the park, but you should keep your Cap, Glasses and a Water Bottle with you. There is a canteen inside the park premises.

Nahargarh Biological Park Location

About 23 km from Ajmeri Gate and 5 km from Amer fort, It is located in Kukas near Jaipur Delhi National Highway 8.

Nahargarh Biological Park Timings

The Exotic Park in Jaipur will remain open from 8:30 AM in the morning till 5:30 PM in the evening.

Lion Safari timing will be limited to 9:00 AM in the morning to 5:00 PM in the evening.

It will be open throughout the week except for Tuesday. Festival days may affect the timings. Approx. 6-7 hours required to watch all the attractions in the park.

Nahargarh Biological Park Entry Fees

Entry is free for Child below 7 years. If you are a student, carry a valid ID with you, the entry fee for students is INR 30. Otherwise, the charges for Indian National is INR 50 and Foreign National is INR 200

There is a 2 km distance between the ticket counter and the entry gate of the park, so either you can walk 2 km or you have to pay INR 300 for a car, INR 40-50 for a bike. The bus fare may cost you INR 500. While Auto rickshaw parking costs INR 60. If you prefer to walk the parking costs for the car 2 km away from the park entrance will be INR 30.

Camera charges for clicking pictures are INR 200 per camera for Indians and INR 500 for Foreigners. If you are using a video camera, the charges will be INR 500 per camera for Indians and INR 1000 per camera for Foreigners.

There are two ways to explore the exotic park, the electric vehicle Safari or the Elephant Safari. Electronic Vehicle Charges INR 15 per person and charges for Elephant Safari are

Best time to visit Nahargarh Biological Park

The best time to visit Nahargarh Exotic Park is from the month of October to the month of March. Try to avoid visiting in the afternoon during the summer.

How to Reach Nahargarh Biological Park

By Road: It is located around 23 kilometers from the iconic Ajmeri Gate. A good number of taxis & public transport are available from Jaipur city center to reach here. If you are having your own vehicle then you just need to join NH 8 and go straight towards Delhi.

By Railway: Jaipur railway station is the nearest railway station and it is situated around the distance of 21 kilometers from the biological park.

By Air: Jaipur International Airport is the nearest airport and it is 29 kilometers away from this zoological garden.