Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur

Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur: A must try aerial adventure


Jaipur, the city clothed in pink, is a traveller’s paradise with sights, stories, and activities sure to inspire and engage everyone. This city with its affluent heritage, combined with its majestic bygone past, lures innumerable adventurous travellers as well. If you are searching for one such unforgettable, one-of-a-kind family activity and need a refuge from the noise and crowds, then try the most compelling Sky Waltz hot air Balloon Safari in Jaipur.

Hot air ballooning is one thing you should try before you die. The hot air balloon trip is perfect for those that want to try something interesting but aren’t too keen on skydiving or bungee. It can be a peaceful chance to float in the air, looking down on beautiful views on the earth from up high in a different angle but without having to fall. Believe us, the view of Jaipur from up above in the air is worth admiring.

You want to book a hot air balloon ride in Jaipur but you might be wondering what happens? Are they licensed? How high will you fly? What will the landing be like? Find out in this article. 

Why do hot air balloon ride in Jaipur? 

Till now, you might have explored Jaipur, walking through palaces and streets or praising the scenery from rooftop restaurants, forts and hill attractions. Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur gives you a one of a kind opportunity to admire the beauty of Jaipur from above. Witness an array of spectacular view including the Jal Mahal, Amber Fort, Shiv Vilas, tricky trails, terrains, majestic monuments, hidden nooks and places, mountains, sandy stretches, and traditional local villages as a backdrop from a very unique perspective. Taking a glimpse of the whole city and its inhabitants from the sky throughout is truly an exhilarating experience. 

Jaipur is India’s first fully licensed and Government approved city to do ballooning on a commercial basis. Sky Waltz Balloon Safari is one of the best balloon ride operators in Jaipur. They operate supervised balloon safari tours on a regular basis. It is a very popular adventurous activity in Jaipur one shouldn’t miss trying out. Tourists from all over the world visit Jaipur throughout the year to experience the joy of a balloon safari.


Are they licensed?

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari, is reputable and safe hot air balloon tour providers in Jaipur. They are Government approved and India’s first fully licensed for commercial Hot Air Balloon operation. They have a highly skilled team of internationally licensed pilots from Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada, India, and the UK.

What to expect?

hot air ballooning

They offer a pickup facility. They send you a driver to pick you up at your accommodation. You have to get up early and be present timely for pick-up at the hotel. Don’t worry, floating in a hot air balloon will not require much of your effort. 

You don’t have to bother about snacking as they will provide you. After you will reach the hot air balloon launch site they will provide you with some refreshments like coffee, tea, and cookies. At the hot air balloon launch site, you will witness the staff busy inflating balloons and preparing them for the flight. They will provide a trained crew guiding you throughout the process.

At first, everyone first has to get inside the basket horizontally, and then the staff will tip the basket up vertically. When you get inside you will feel a slight weird sense. Relax, the basket gets comfortable once the balloon is put vertical. 

After the balloon is set vertically, the pilot lights the fire, and up you rise into the air thousands of feet off the ground. As you go up and float in the air you will feel serene and calm views of the city with the sun just ready to peek over the hills and brighten up the land below. Believe us, the views become mesmerising.

The ride of hot air balloon in Jaipur will go on for an hour and descend after an hour, a little before or after depending on the weather conditions. As the landing depends on the wind paths.

What to keep in mind?

Children below 6 years old, pregnant women and people with mobility impairments are not allowed to join this tour. This ride for hot air balloon in Jaipur is perfect for those who want to try something interesting but aren’t too keen on skydiving or bungee.

You should wear comfortable clothing as the heated air in the balloon is at around 100C and it’s pretty warm in the basket. People tend to overdress and regret it. Rather go for layers that can be easily take off. Bring your sunglasses, and caps as well. Also, you should wear boots when ballooning as you might have to walk through the fields that are likely to have morning dew on them.

If your hot air balloon flight gets cancelled because of the weather they will reschedule your flight to another date, likely the next day. Therefore make sure you have an extra couple of days in Jaipur in case of bad weather.

How much it costs?

A hot air balloon ride will cost the US $280 per person for foreigners while for Indian pan card holders it will cost INR 12,000 for an hour ride. In case you need to cancel your ride you will get a 100% refund if you cancel up to 72 hours before the activity begins.

Adult: US $280 per person 

Child (5-12 years): US $165 per person 

For Indian Pan Card Holders

Adult: INR 12,000 per person + Tax

Child (5-12 years): INR 7,000 per person + Tax


The operating season for the hot air balloon rides starts from September and last up to April. They usually operate during sunrise in the morning and the evening before sunset as the air behaves at its best at that time of day.


You will have to provide your pick-up address while booking the ride. Make sure you confirm the pick-up place and time directly with the local operator. You can contact them through the information given in the voucher you get after booking. The pick-up is applicable if your hotel is within 10km in Jaipur. If your location is in the outskirts you will have to pay a supplement charge on the website.


Pick-up from and drop-off, 


All applicable taxes,

Balloon flight, 

First Flight certificate,

No additional fees  

Duration: The entire activity will take your 2 to 4 hours while the hot air balloon ride will last for 1 hour

Contact number: 095 6038 7222

Email: [email protected] 


Timings: All days of the week from 6 in the morning 

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