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Top 16 places to celebrate the New Year 2020 in India

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New Year means new life and a new beginning. It is the time of year when many people believe that it is the best opportunity to change for the better and leave the bad experiences behind. Planning a trip gives us a fresh start and makes us better persons for the years ahead. New Year’s Eve is a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new year and all the opportunities it brings. India is a miraculous country with a huge variety of places holding a number of exciting events, the choices certainly aren’t limited. Each place provides an incredible journey and new discoveries that give us a chance to do something out of the ordinary and see different places, eat exotic delicacies and discover new languages.

As another year is nearly at its end, the rush to find a memorable way to bring in the next one has already begun. You might be looking for a fantastic place to party this New Year’s Eve and dance the night away. Many who are fed up with spending the special night locally look into alternative holiday destinations. These are the top 16 suggestions for great places that would make a memorable New Year 2020. Check the list and pick one according to your wish.


Goa New Year

The Goa New Year gatherings are worlds well-known. Goa is a destination where people from across the country and abroad assemble, party and welcome the New Year. It is the perfect heady mixture of party life and celebratory music. You can booze and have fun in the chilly backdrop of sea-shore in the night. You have a host of great club, exotic cuisine, fireworks and truly cool ambiance for a perfect outing. The Beach parties at Vagator and Anjuna are crowd-pullers as they offer a spectacular ambiance. Sunburn Festival in Goa is one of the most popular New Year carnivals in the country.


Gulmarg New Year

It provides a much-needed relief from wild city life for you and gives you a feeling of being part of nature. That is precisely why people call it a slice of heaven. It has one of the finest ski resorts in the world. The snowy white goodness of the town is perfect to get you in that happy celebration mood to welcome the New Year.


Kerala new year

The state is known for its backwaters. You can rent a houseboat in these backwaters and enjoy your New Year with your family and friends. You also have the option of beach parties that are exotic and enthralling. With places like Varkala that attract a lot of international crowds around, the beachside beauty of the place is an ideal New Year destination.


Mumbai new year

Be it sitting at the club and drinking or standing by the beach, the maximum city also caters to the New Year cheer. Moreover, the city is known for its celebrity sightings and perky party atmosphere. You can sit in the dark hotel launches savoring your drink and watch the rest of the city sky lilting up in fireworks. With most hotels and lounges setting up for the New Year cheer, party scene cannot be anything but spectacular.



It is a quaint little town nestled in the lap of Dharmsala in Himachal Pradesh. This city gives the feel of the mountainside where you can enjoy an eclectic choice of cuisines at budget prices. The scenic beauty of the small-time city provides another dimension to the party lovers. This enthralling town has an impeccable view and amazing little cafes to celebrate the New Year’s eve. This place turns musical on this day, you can sit and listen to the foreign visitors play guitar amidst the chill winds. People from all over India and abroad are seen out on the streets of this adorable town.


jaipur new year

How about going to the Pink City? In Jaipur the bygone year is bidden farewell in a unique way and the new year is embraced with arms wide open. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Famous for the beautiful hotels, exciting activities and a number of bars and clubs with a fabulous party atmosphere to party the night away and bring in the new year in style. Heading to this prominent yet tranquil destination for New Year bash beholds a magical atmosphere. Jaipur is a great place to welcome the New Year with lovely stay locations and happening parties. 



With a double attraction Gokarna, the beach town of Karnataka welcomes every guest with a warm heart. It is the home of Lord Mahabhaleshwara from one viewpoint and houses some great beaches on the other hand. Gokarna is a Hindu journey focus and the beautiful scenery is like a cherry on top of a cake. The brilliant Gokarna offers a divine peace to the mind. There couldn’t be a better way to begin a new year amidst the raging parties, drinks, loud music with moonlit sea-sides, and sand.


Manali New Year

This is the place for those people who want to have snowy cheer of winters to welcome the New Year. The chilly mountain breeze and snow-capped terrain give good settings for you to enjoy the party along with your friends. That is why people going for partying in this hilly destination say it has a unique earthy flavor. The neighboring areas like Solang Valley are famous for the winter sports activities.


Pondicherry New Year

The city is known for its both austerity and extravagance. You can enjoy the fireworks by the sea-shore and street celebrations welcoming the New Year. The street-side celebrations carry through the night and give the most memorable experiences in party life. The street artists of Puducherry show the eclectic varieties of performances that they put up for the occasion.


Delhi new year

The national capital is known for expensive parties. The city has an expensive and exclusive night clubs where you can party until the wee hours of the next day morning. The city also witnesses farmhouse and mansion parties that are open to upper-class members and billionaires. You can also get the feel of the celebrity-owned clubs in the city that are generally jam-packed with people for the special night.


Bangalore new year

Even the Garden City of the country should be in the list of New Year party revelers. The city is known to give a fun yet cozy cheer to the party life. The warmth given out by the people of the city will make it enough for you to have a great time and feel at the parties held in the city’s hotels and pubs. The city lovers can reach Bangalore for the ultimate New year fun. Meandering around the MG road or dining at the city’s restaurant is a must thing to do during this time.


Kolkata new year

Previously, the city used was known as the culturally elite city. Over a period of years, it has evolved into a major party destination. It has nightclubs that will literally make you stand on your feet. Kolkata is the place for you if you are looking to dance the night away free of any inhibition. What would be better than celebrating the new year at a city labeled as the ‘City of Joy’, the ‘Cultural Capital of India’.


Udaipur new year

You should check the New Year party in Udaipur for a unique experience. Breath in the refreshing air of Udaipur, dive into the local heritage and welcome the new year by soaking in the charming lakes. Udaipur has an interesting royal fact and one of the best spots in India to rejuvenate your mind. Dine-in a palace hotel, a boat ride at midnight on New Year’s Eve or celebrate the new beginning at events and galas around the cities.


Kutch new year

Kutch is a city of Gujrat, famous for its white desert. Rann of Kutch is the world-famous destination that organizes a much-awaited Rann Utsav during the new year period or mostly at the time of the winter season. The Rann Utsav is the most happening event of the year and it makes Kutch the best places to visit during the new year in India. Go to the stunning white salt desert and Rann Utsav and enjoy Gujarati Culture, and look forward to the activities like Camel Ride, Golf Cart, ATV Ride, Paramotoring, Meditation, Yoga during the new year.  


Andaman new year

For beach lovers and those who are looking for a relaxed atmosphere Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the best place to head-on. Blessed with white sandy beaches and turquoise sky gives you a sense of perfect peace and serene spot to celebrate New Year 2020. One can indulge in crazy parties, beautiful resorts, and beach water activities as well. It is also an ideal place for sports enthusiasts and party-goers. 


Jaisalmer new year

How about celebrating the new year in Golden city with a traditional and rich environment. Enjoy the new year’s eve at The famous Sonar Quila also known as Jaisalmer Fort. You start with your journey in a unique way by traveling to Jaisalmer via The Palace on Wheels train. This experience would be one of a kind and an amazing start to celebrate an outstanding New year. The major new year celebrations at Jaisalmer for 31st Party are Desert New Year festival 3 Days, Aloha New year festival and some of the night parties with facilities like Camel Ride, enjoy different cuisines with drinks and beverages and many more.

The party revelers can go to any destination of their choice. So, this season enjoys the most of your time eating good cuisine and traveling to enchanting destinations. Winter is beautiful and you need to make a perfect plan to celebrate the New Year. Make sure that you are going to celebrate the beginning of 2020 in the right way.

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