Zarpar Kashmir themed restaurant

Go on a date this Valentine’s at Jaipur’s first Kashmir themed restaurant!

Confused about where to go on a date this Valentine's Day with your special someone? Visit Zarpar, a Kashmir themed restaurant that calls for a perfect dine out.

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For most couples, Valentine’s Day is the day of the year when they really want to spend time together with their partner and show them how much they care and love them. But quite a lot of people have trouble planning a perfect Valentine’s Day. This is probably due to a great amount of pressure to plan a perfect date. Well as it is said ‘One can not think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.’ So what can be a better idea than going on a dinner date at a special place? And what if the place is right out from heaven on earth, Kashmir. 

Isn’t that sound romantic, right? Yes, experience the culture of heavenly place Kashmir in Jaipur this valentines day, exploring a Houseboat themed Kashmiri restaurant, Zarpar. It would be definitely amusing to visit a place that has been themed on one of the greatest cultures of India. 

Since when Zarpar exist in the city?

Zarpar is owned by a Kashmiri Pandit, Suman Raina who started this unique restaurant with an intent to introduce her culture to a new city. She began working on this endeavour in May 2017. With this restaurant, she believes it’s about praising your own culture and tradition. In addition to this, this initiative was her aim to make Kashmiris living outside Kashmir aware of their own culture.

Showcasing a glimpse of Kashmir

The restaurant has been constructed keeping in mind the complete Kashmiri traditional style. It is designed by Mushtaaque Ali Ahmad Khan, a Kashmiri filmmaker and festival director who used authentic Kashmiri cutlery and furnishing. Almost half of the space is designed with the traditional material entailing drapery, cutlery and furnishing. Most of these materials were was acquired directly from Kashmir while the rest was arranged from Rajasthan. 

While most of the part of the restaurant is designed by a Kashmiri the other parts have also been done gracefully by Rajasthani artists. They used their artistic mastery to imitate the Kashmiri art and culture at its best. The response of the visitors and customers to this restaurant has proved that the idea of a Kashmiri theme perfectly makes sense.

Explore The Ambience Of Zarpar 

Zarpar, the houseboat themed restaurant has two parts, Deewan Khan and Pari Mahal. Deewan Khana is a fine-dining space adorned with beautiful Kashmiri rugs and traditional wooden chairs and tables with engraved intricate designs. The other area Pari Mahal is a boat themed dining area divided by a bubbling waterfall. This space has a distinct seating area with a lifted platform and low tables. This let the visitors enjoy the food in a traditional style. 

To top it all, Zarpar serves authentic Kashmiri cuisine that caters to the tastebuds of all the Kashmiris in the city along with other food lovers in the city. The restaurant is not merely a dine out place but an image of Kashmiri art forms, culture and architecture. It represents the incredible Kashmiri lineage.

Enjoy A Shahi Kashmiri Feast 

The restaurant serves its authentic delicacies such as Kashmiri Wazwan, Kashmiri harissa, Kashmiri Tchot etc. Kashmiri Wazwan is a multi-course meal that is usually cooked at weddings or other festive events. Kashmiri Harissa is a traditional mutton curry that is served with Kashmiri bread known as Kashmiri Tchot. 

If you are thinking that all you will get as Kashmiri food is Non – Vegetarian food, then you are mistaken. The restaurant serves delectable vegetarian Kashmiri dishes such as Dum Aloo, Yakhni and Tchoki Wangan. Not just the Kashmiri food but one can also relish traditional Rajasthani cuisines, North Indian or even Chinese cuisines.

Click memories at selfie zone

zaper selfie zone

What is a dinner evening without some good pictures? Yes, that has something for that too. They have another segment in the restaurant having two selfie zones named Tasveer and Zoona Dub. ‘Tasveer’ is an area with a waterfall close to it. There is a bench placed here for taking selfies. One can dress up on Kashmiri attire and jewellery and pose for clicks. Another selfie area is on the other side of the waterfall. ‘Zoona Dub’ is a Kashmiri style balcony. 

Well, this is not the end, this place also lets you shop. It makes a perfect destination for a date having good food, good atmosphere and shopping too. You can buy a beautiful collectable from the souvenir store. The store sells some authentic Kashmiri artwork.

So, are you all set with your date for a dine out and drive to Zarpar, a Kashmiri restaurant in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. A romantic date, perfect ambience and gourmet dinner good for two. All these wills for sure set out the romantic mood between you and your partner and will make memories for a lifetime. 

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