Jaipur airport

New amenities to be introduced at Jaipur Airport for flyers convenience


The newly built arrival hall at Jaipur International Airport to open to the public from December 15. There is news of relief for the passengers of the arrival hall.

The expanded building in the Arrival Hall, which has been under construction for almost a year, is now fully ready. Now, this building will soon be opened to the general public.

According to the officials, This new hall was constructed to ease the traffic at the airport. However, the construction of the building had been completed in July but it had not been made available for the passengers as some electrical work is pending.

The special thing is that this newly expanded building has been integrated with the existing Arrival Hall of the airport. Separation blocks between the two have also been removed. Only one gate is proposed to be placed for arrival.

Presently there are 2 conveyor belts, one of which is often reserved for international passengers. Passengers have trouble finding luggage when 3 to 4 flights come together.

“The new hall has 3 conveyor belts, so there will be a total of 5 conveyor belts in the Arrival area. It will decongest the arrival and departure area and reduce the time that it takes for the passengers to get their luggage as there will be no problem of shifting the luggage,” said the officer.

“During the peak hours of morning and evening, up to 5 flights land at the airport at the same time. The luggage of all the passengers is transferred through a single conveyor belt. It sometimes creates confusion,” added the officer.

The current daily footfall at the airport is about 17,000 passengers both domestic and international. It is also decided to increase the number of boarding gates for the convenience of the passenger so that they don’t get stuck at departures and arrivals. Earlier it had five boarding gates, which included international and domestic flights. Now it has been increased to seven.

The availability of the number of budget flights has increased the number of tourists to Jaipur significantly. To meet this demand, the authorities are planning to introduce more facilities for passengers’ convenience and smooth travel. New toilet facilities will also be added.