Jaipur’s Padmanabh Singh met with an accident in London; had to undergo surgery


Padmanabh Singh, a member of the former royal family of Jaipur, has been injured in a car accident. The accident occurred in London (England). Padmanabha had gone to spend holidays in London with his father Narendra Singh and sister Gauravi Kumari. Father and sister were also with him in the car. Both are fine. After the accident, Deputy CM Diya Kumarialso reached London.

According to information received, Padmanabha has undergone surgery in a London hospital. He is fine after surgery. Padmanabha and Gauravi Kumari had shared photos of themselves while roaming in London on their social media platforms some time ago.

A few days before the road accident, Padmanabha had come to attend the Dior Cruise Show held at Drummond Castle in Scotland. Gauravi Kumari was also present here.

Started polo career from London itself

Apart from being a member of the former royal family, Padmanabha is also a polo player. Padmanabha started his polo career in England in 2015. There he became a member of the Guards Polo Club in Windsor. He captained the Indian national team on its historic trip to Hurlingham Park in 2017, the first Indian team to visit there in more than 70 years. Before this his grandfather had held the command.

Padmanabh Singh is not only known for his skills in polo but is also in the news for his lifestyle. It was on the initiative of Padmanabha that Jaipur Polo again reached new heights. Padmanabha was unofficially crowned Maharaja of Jaipur at the age of 12 after the death of Sawai Bhawani Singh in 2011. Padmanabh Singh is the 303rd descendant of the royal family of Jaipur. Padmanabh Singh has studied from the famous Mayo College of Ajmer and the famous public school Millfield of England.

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