Kukduku Literature festival in Jaipur

Kukdukoo Lit Fest to be held in Jaipur from tomorrow

Kukdukoo Literature festival in Jaipur from December 3 at Jawahar Kala Kendra people of all ages can participate and enjoy the fest.


The Kukdukoo Literature Festival, which has its special identity across the country, will be held in Jaipur from December 3 at Jawahar Kala Kendra on behalf of Mayur School Jaipur. Different sessions have been organized for different age groups in this two-day fest.

Kukdukoo Lit Fest 2022 is a two-day family fest that connects children and their parents with literary, visual and performing arts experiences under one roof. Spread across multiple cities in India, the Lit Fest will have a host of events including over 40 shows, author sessions, storytelling, plays and creative activities for a holistic creative experience. Experts of traditional and contemporary visual arts will give various art presentations during the event.

Different sessions for different age groups 

Four venues have been made in this fest. These venues have been named Akkad, Bakkar, Bombay-Bau and Tana-Bana. Children aged three to five years in Akkad, six to eight years old in Bakkar and children aged nine to 12 years can participate in the sessions to be held in Bombay-Bau. People of all ages will be able to join in as participants at the warped venues.

Renowned writers, artists and experts from all over the country are coming to participate in the fest. There will be special sessions at the two-day event. A venue named Manch will be created for performing arts and visual arts performances for children.

A stage for cultural presentations will be made

A venue named Manch will be created for Performing Art for Children and visual art performance. Apart from theatrical productions, there will be many other special performances. Apart from this, books of various writers will be available for children in the book area. Also, a food corner will be set up, where different types of dishes will be available especially for children.

Sessions on the first day of the event

At 11 am – a storytelling session at Akkad Manch by Vrinda Rathi with Chhajju Ki Udaan Kahani. At the same time there will be Rohini Vij in Women in Science session at Bakkar, Khushboo Chokhani Storytelling session in Panchatantra Story Drama at Bombay Bow and Comic Strip Master Class by Ajit Narayan in Tana-Bana.

At 12.15 pm – Rohini Vij’s story telling session in Akkad, Alma Dingra’s story drama on triple triple in Bakkar, Adityanath Mubai in Bombay-Bau’s quiz show, theater workshop on Tana-Bana.

At 2 pm – Alma Dingra, Seema Cheri, Ajit Narayan, Vrinda Rathi will be present.

At 3.15 pm – Tansy Troy & Pranshu Chaturvedi, Lopamudra Mohanty, Seema Cherry, Kunal Motling will be seen. Apart from this, books of various writers will be available for children in the book area.

Sessions on the second day of the event

At 11 am – Amrita Chauhan, Neha, Madhurima Vidyarthi, Kartik Bajoria in different sessions. 

At 12.15 pm – Monika Setosh, Simi Srivastava, Varsha Seshan in the sessions. 

At 2 pm – Shalini and Kamal, Seema Wahi Mukherjee, Swetcha Prasad, Khushbu Choukhani will be present. 

Last session – Garima Arya, Varsha Seshan, Shilpa Mehta will be seen. 

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