Citizen App launched, Jaipur House-shop owners can do tenant verification online

No need to go to the police station for tenant verification, House-shop owners will be able to fill details online. The Commissioner launched the Citizen App.


Jaipur Police Commissioner has launched the Nazar Citizen App for house and shop owners of Jaipur City. Users will be able to download it from the Play Store. After downloading, you will be able to enter details of your family, tenants, people living in PG, your driver and servants. Now there will be no need to go to the police station to get verification done.

After this, big data will come to the police. If any major crime is committed, the police will be able to reach the accused soon. Through this app, the police will have complete information about domestic helpers and tenants.

This app will help the police

According to the Jaipur Police Commissioner, Biju George Joseph, “we had made this app some time ago for beat constables. But, the expected benefits were not received. For this, Jaipur Police has created an app which is a Google certified app whose name is Nazar Citizen App. In this, the owner of the house himself has to upload the details.”

With this, a large amount of people’s data will be available to the police. This will prove helpful to the police in case of any major crime. Through this app, the time taken to reach the accused after a crime is committed will be greatly reduced. In this, character verification can also be done as per the details received.

Police will check abandoned house

A door to door survey of servants and tenants will be conducted through the app. The police will also have records of the migrants. The app has been prepared by Rakesh Jhajharia of Cyber ​​​​Cell in collaboration with Krishna and Swastika of Bengaluru. 

In this, name, mobile number, valid ID and photo will have to be uploaded. Beat officer will contact them. When you go out for more than one day, information about your abandoned home can also be uploaded to the app, so that patrol teams can check from time to time.

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