Historical places of Rajasthan

Top 6 historical places of Rajasthan you must explore

Are you a history buff? If yes, then you must visit these historical places of Rajasthan that carry history in every bit.


Rajasthan has many luxurious and ancient attractions to highlight its royal heritage. To name a few, Amer Fort is an inciting awe-inspiring attraction with its Mughal design and marble courtyards. It is followed by the stunning Albert Hall Museum, which houses many important artefacts as well as murals that ought to be included on the itinerary of your trip. Tourists can book the most booked Thrillophilia’s Rajasthan Vacation packages to discover the fascinating City Place, an incredible palace complex with a myriad of places of interest that showcase India’s splendour under British rule. The other unique and fascinating historical places of Rajasthan include Jaigarh Fort and Chittorgarh Fort, both worth a visit.

Famous historical places of Rajasthan

Discover these top 6 historic destinations of Rajasthan that will surely to leave you mesmerized.

Amer Fort: Architectural Marvel

amer fort

Those interested in old forts and structures are sure to discover Amer Fort. It an awe-inspiring and exciting attraction with an extraordinary history worth learning about. The Fort rests in the picturesque town, Amer in Rajasthan. It boasts Mughal design that inspires its elaborate interiors and extravagant detailings of stones and Sandstones. Those interested in old forts and structures are sure to discover Amer Fort.

Amer fort brags three enormous and stunning courtyards, including the major Sheesh Mahal from 15th-century, magnificent gardens and archways that promise to transport you back to the past. However, one of the most surprising things to see within Fort is the distinctive Shila Devi temple with silver and golden-colored walls and stunning glass detailing. Additionally, the fort reflects creations of many of the most notable artists of the past.

Albert Hall Museum: Illuminating Hours


One of the most fascinating and longest-running museums in Rajasthan, Albert Hall Museum draws a large audience each year. Albert Hall museum consists of an impressive selection of antique silverware, rare artefacts, jewellery, paintings and antiques that highlight the British rule of India. The museum is an excellent illustration of the Indo-Saracenic design that dates back to times of the British invasion in 1881. More to this, the museum is home to an impressive Egyptian Mummy as well as other distinctive sculptures such as textiles, paintings, and the encapsulation of pottery. Visit the museum, and let the destination transport you into the past of pre-independence India.

City Palace: The Royal Abode

city palace udaipur

The City Palace is a vibrant and extravagant structure located within Udaipur, Rajasthan dating back to the 400th century. Located on the banks of Lake Pichola; this massive palace complex is home to a variety of sites, fabulous courtyards, impressive monuments such as Lake Palace and Jagdish temples, and scenic beauty.

The City Palace is beautifully decorated with marble patterns, murals, silver statues, shrines, and archaic inscriptions that give it an exquisite appearance. The fascinating history of the City Palace, the numerous conflicts and adventures it has experienced makes it one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Rajasthan.

Jaigarh Fort: Glimpse Of the Victorious Past

Jaigarh Fort

With a view of the stunning and lavish area in the Aravali Hills, Jaigarh Fort is an enticing tourist attraction. Located within Amer, Rajasthan, the fort was a creation to provide security to the magnificent Amer Fort. The Jaigarh Fort is a unique location that exudes an aristocratic yet rare feel.

The gardens are a well-maintained with well-equipped museum having armoury. It is one of the important historical places of Rajasthan. The Fort also houses giant cannon in the world, dating back to the war times between the Rajputs and Mughals. A variety of stunning attractions in the Fort gives you a glimpse of the Rajasthan’s bygone era at its finest.

Nahargarh Fort: Serene Ambiance

nahargarh fort

In addition to other forts in Rajasthan constructed to protect this city, Nahargarh Fort is a fantastic attraction. It should undoubtedly be an essential part of your travel plans. It nestles over the extended areas that comprise Aravali Hills; this Fort is also popular for its nickname “Abode of Tigers” due to their frequent sightings.

Nahargarh fort is not only home to stunning luxurious suites, sandstone decorated rooms but also courtyards, reflecting the royal and antique ambience of Rajasthan. The Fort was once popular to be a haunted location but now draws adventure seekers from all over the globe. Also, visitors can discover fascinating paintings, relics, and other lavish objects inside the Fort.

Chittorgarh Fort: Magnificent Architecture

Chittor Fort Chittorgarh
Chittor Fort Chittorgarh

Popular for its stunning beauty and impressive features; the extravagant Chittorgarh fort has been a top tourist attraction and a highly appreciated UNESCO Heritage Site. The Fort, which is historic as well as beautiful, comprises a variety of ancient structures. These structures resources museum, armoury and suites along with royal residences courtyards and grand halls that are worth exploring.

The Chittorgarh Fort’s history comprises Rajasthan’s most inspirational rulers and royals who lived in the Fort during their reigns and brought about remarkable changes.

To conclude, explore these historical places of Rajasthan and leave with an exquisite bag filled with memories.

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