Valentine’s Day 2023: Propose your special someone in Jaipur style

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Valentines Day is the most romantic day of the year and one that is steeped in tradition. Among the most popular traditions are romantic meals and big grand gestures including proposals. When it’s about asking your special someone to be your future partner, everyone wants the moment and place to be original, perfect and heartfelt. 

Jaipur is a city that has lured many smitten couples. It is undeniably the perfect city to arrest your love, with spectacular backdrops, stunning forts and grand palaces. Why not express your love with a sparkling heart ring this coming Valentine’s Day in a royal style. 

Enlisted are some best ideas to propose in a Jaipur style. 

Take your love to heights at Nahargarh

couple at Nahargarh fort

Trying to unveil that silent melody in the heart? There is nothing more surreal and romantic than a place than Nahargarh fort when the sky is full of hues. Watch the first ray of the sun rising or a sun sinks below the horizon and in the middle of the moment when everything is at its prime go ahead and ask her. This might sound simple but you might have heard beauty is in simplicity and it can bring out the best of the proposal. The sight of Jaipur from the greatest heights at Nahargarh is simply adorable especially in evenings when the city gets wrapped in mesmerizing lights 

Feel the love in the air with a hot air balloon ride

couple in a hot air balloon

Feel the breeze, flyin’ in the mid-air over the majestic forts and imperial palaces with planning a date on a hot air balloon ride. Ever wonder how it would be holding hands with the one you love going thousands of feet above the ground and cloud looming over your head and soaking the beauty. you can get that ring out of your pocket and whisper those words into her ear, a perfect proposal in the air. So let you excitement mount and go for the Sky Waltz Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur. 

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Love like in royal era with vintage drive

vintage car in jaipur

Planning for a long drive date? Nothing can be more romantic than when you don’t know the destination where you are going, you only take the road and just driving. Talking about a royal and romantic drive, a royal Vintage car is a name that will strike your mind. Propose your special one in a unique yet traditional style in Jaipur combining it with a royal vintage car. Adding the charm of a vintage car ride to your proposal would definitely be a perfect and special way to confess your love.

Experience the fairytale love around the lakes 

couple in jaipur lake

The purest moment of proposing should be a lifetime experience and the view of Jal mahal at the Mansagar Lake is simply incomparable. A dreamlike palace amidst the beautiful lake, pink-hued backdrop, birds chirping, bougainvillea orchards around and the glittering blue waves catching reflections of the scintillating palace, is indeed the perfect setup to pour your heart out. When the stars start to twink-twink in the night, walking on the pathways encircling the lake, say that you want to make her your life. Isn’t it a fairytale moment that tinkles you from within? 

Show your love taking her for shopping

Valentine’s Day shopping

Yeah, we all know that girls love shopping. They can never get tired of shopping and can shop their whole life if they aren’t stopped. And Jaipur seconds none when it’s about shopping. So either buy her traditional Jaipur jewellery or let her shop her heart out. This gesture of yours would be appreciated and your loved one would surely be delighted. Make her feel more special, propose to her, express her love and true emotions. But remember, never promise her you will take her shopping forever!

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Live the romance with luxurious dining

celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jaipur

The restaurants at Jaipur offer luxury and sheer romance to impress your date with romantic dinners. There are many beautiful restaurants in Jaipur that make the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jaipur to give you both a feel of royals. Cinnamon, Bar Palladio, Rambagh Palace, 1135 AD, Samode Haweli sits at the top when it comes to the luxury dining experience. These are restaurants that romance peaks in with its glory and grandeur with a warm and royal ambience to fill in romance in your special date. 

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The captivating views of this city emitting royalty and romance are perfect to make your moments special and memorable. Go through any of these ideas for those never-denying proposals. A personal touch is always much! 

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