Valentines Day 2020

Valentine Day Celebration in Jaipur: Best places and ways to celebrate


With February comes the season of love, when the Gulabi Nagri turns all pink as every corner in the Pink City vibrates with romance. Yeah! This is the time of the year when flowers, chocolates, and confectionery do the talking. You guessed it right! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, the traditional day on which lovers rekindle and relive their love by expressing their undying emotions for each other with their words or deeds. So, let your love bloom this Valentine’s Day in Jaipur.

With so many lovely things to see, delicious restaurants to go to and romantic places to be, celebrating Valentine’s Day in Pink City simply can’t go wrong. But hold up. Whilst waiting eagerly to celebrate this day with your significant other, you might be in an eternal dilemma of how to make it special, where to go and what to gift? This article will help you get out of what to do and how to do confusion! Read on.

Best ways to make Valentine’s day special

The very first thing. Most of the singles feel lonely on Valentine’s Day. Let yourself know that this day is not only limited to couples. The occasion is basically a celebration of love no matter for whom you have that love in your heart. Well, what is love? It’s friendship, a deep, long-lasting, intimate connection with someone who knows you better than anyone. It can be celebrated by any and every one of us who have love feelings in their heart for anyone be it your parents, grandparents, siblings, best friend or be it your life partner, lover, or any dear ones. So, this Valentine, treat them to a world of love in special ways.

A romantic escape

On this Valentine’s day give your loved one something to remember for a long time to come. Planning a weekend together or a trip to a place they love is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jaipur. With our ever-busy and complicated lives giving us less time for our family, time spent with our loved ones becomes very rare and thus more precious. So, Valentine’s Day is a perfect reason to do just that. Jaipur has lots of romantic destinations within driving distance that you and your special one can go and have some fun.

Enjoy with your friends

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a way to celebrate the romance in your life, but it’s also a good way to show friends how much you value them. You might go all out for a big party, picnic, or plan a get together at home. Host a valentine’s day party at your home giving your friends an excuse to mingle. Choose a theme, play games, or go for a potluck dinner. There are many ways to do this as with friends, nothing can go boring or less interesting.

A Classic date

One of the most common things people do as a couple is a long ride, listening to music or a combination between dinner and a movie. This classic date idea really never gets old and there is always something good to go eat and something good to go see. Go out to a nice restaurant or ice cream date with a good movie and long drive in the end. This is a great way for anyone to spend Valentine’s Day together. Jaipur has a never-ending list of romantic rooftop cafes or fine dining restaurants.

Adventure outing

Yep, seriously. Go adventures in Jaipur such as camping, balloon riding, trekking and watch the sunrise and get both your heart racing. You might be thinking this is more of a guy thing than the ladies. But believe us, it will be a lot of fun and you won’t regret it later. After all, doing such special for your big sports nut man would be worth planning. Surprise him by taking him to a local sporting event. You will see how much your plan will be appreciated by your sports fan. This is certainly not the most romantic place to be but it can make for a very fun time. You will surely have great fun and thrill and have you both laughing.

Quality time

Make time for what’s important and spend quality time with your loved ones. The best way to spend quality moments is to be at home and have private time. Just be homebodies, wear comfortable clothes, get cozy with your significant other on a couch, gather some munching stuff and watch a good movie or comedy show. You can play games or organize a candlelight dinner for your loved one. Prepare the dishes or bake Valentine’s Day cake on your own. You can also order delivery. No other thing can be such nice and romantic than in the comfort of your living room. Avoid distractions, such as chatting on the phone, surfing the net, or deciding to do other things with people around.

Attend workshops or events

Go for Valentine’s Day events where you can have some snacks, drinks, salsa dancing, or singing at a karaoke bar. You can also opt for workshops like a couple of painting workshops where you can have fun spilling the love on canvas. There are also some comedy show events organized where you can laugh yourself out and have fun.

If still, you feel like putting in some extra effort to make the day extraordinary, here are a few tips on creating a day full of love. 

A few tips for Valentine’s day

Having love in your heart for someone really special is one of the most beautiful feelings that one can have. All around the world whoever has such beautiful feelings in their heart for someone, tries to make that person feel special by doing small, unique things to express their pure, deep feelings of love to that person. Here are a few tips for you too!

Your gestures matter

Whether you are in the first chapter of your love story and decided to take your relationship to a new level or have been together for years and are seriously committed. Shower your sweetheart with cute gestures that have the power of casting a magical spell to your romantic moments. Taking out time for each other, to talk to care to love are the cute things that need no special arrangements.

Gift speak volumes

While a piece of beautiful jewellery, her favourite cosmetic gift set, a lovely wristwatch, cute stuffed toys, adopting a pet and much more can make lovely gift options. Your special efforts will make those gifting moments worth remembering. Come up with a reason for every gift you give this Valentine’s Day. Having a thought behind a gift will make it sound like you did efforts thinking about it and finding it. Your loved one will appreciate this effort that you spent your precious time on the gift. Also remember, it’s more about expressing than splurging.

A fairy tale time

It is a day to celebrate the deepest and the most heartfelt of all human emotions, love. Spend your Valentine’s night at your terrasse, bundling up and gazing at the stars. Get some candles, a cosy blanket, a few snacks and a bottle of your favourite wine. Don’t get into the hassle of preparing a meal at home. Order from your favourite restaurant or cafe for a date that has plenty of romance. A candlelight dinner under the starry nights would make your day special. 

All the little things

On this day when emotions are running high and deep, a gift of a collection of memories will be a very sweet way to convey your feelings. You can try a scrapbook with a coupon attached or sticky notes all around your home for your loved one to find. The handmade stuff will have more meaning to it if it’s created by you. You can add pictures that either have a special memory linked to them or those that you simply find beautiful. Use your own words and add small little a handwritten love note of appreciation or what makes these pictures special. Reading the love notes will bring a smile to their face and surprised each turning page or each time they find one.

Go out, spend time

Take her out shopping. Stroll along the streets and markets, enjoy eating the street food with chit chats. These will surely make a good time. Going to malls is also a great option if you want to avoid crowded places with traffic all around! No woman would ever deny going shopping, isn’t it! This will ensure they’ll be weak at the knees and well and truly under your spell this February. Woohoo!

Best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jaipur

Jaipur offers beauty and romance through its iconic landmarks and restaurants that have the capacity to strike the love in you.⁣ This day, new love is expressed, old love touches new heights. Jaipur has love in its air and you can easily spend hours hand-in-hand strolling in the Jaipur city. Here are listed the top places to celebrate your special day.

Nahargarh fort


Amidst the lap of Aravalli Hills overlooking the stunning Pink City, Nahargarh Fort will make your heart beat faster. Imagine the captivating views of the landscape of the city with your love hand-in-hand, isn’t it lovely? The best romantic spots in Jaipur that you and your love should never miss. Remember to take lots of pictures together as they’ll be cherished moments for years to come. Nestled in the heart of the surrounding Aravali hills, surrounded by shades of greens, sitting by the peaceful, picturesque lake is a sight to behold. A perfect blend of calm and beauty, it is sure to melt any heart. We recommend carrying some music along with on your phones and sharing earphones to take in the beauty.

Man Sagar Lake

sunset places in jaipur

This place is the most romantic spot when it comes to choosing the best place to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jaipur. The scintillating Jal Mahal palace floating in between this lake has lured many lovers to visit Jaipur from all over the world. Walk along the fringes of the lake with a serene view of blooming bougainvillea orchards & trees on both sides and hear the birds chirping. No other place in Jaipur can be more intoxicating for the love birds for its deep pink-hued sunset and the star-filled blue sky. This is a great spot for clicking some romantic pictures as everything around is simply serene. Chandlai lake, Maota lake, Amer Sagar lake are a few more options if you want to spend your time by a lakeside.

Smriti Van

Smriti Van
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Immerse yourself in nature escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Smriti van in Jaipur is the best place to visit on Valentine’s day to relax and reconnect with your dear one. Continue to enjoy the evening by taking a stroll through the park. This will give both of you time to enjoy each other’s company.  From the lush green gardens to the beautiful flowers and the water sports, the beauty of nature will leave you both lost in the amazing view. You can also opt for Jawahar circle, Sisodia Rani Bagh and Central Park at Rambagh polo ground for spending uninterrupted moments with each other.


Jai Mahal Palace is one such fantastic restaurant
The most amazing Jaipur restaurants, Cinnamon at Jai Mahal Palace is one such fantastic restaurant with its traditional ambiance and delectable dishes.

There is a range of romantic restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jaipur to give you both a feel of prince and princess. Rambagh Palace has everything extraordinary, from the welcome ceremony to the royal dining experience and the romantic atmosphere. You can experience a 15-minute vintage car ride. While there are many other fine dining places like Fairmount, Cafe Palladio a beautiful joint for lovers, 1135 AD where romance sprouts out with the backdrop, a wonderful rooftop Padao restaurant with a view to die for. The Forresta Kitchen & Bar with a picturesque setting. These restaurants have a royal decor which makes the place look even more sophisticated. However, you should go to a restaurant or cafe that suits your budget.

Choki Dhani


Choki Dhani is one of the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jaipur to have the most memorable experience. This exquisite place has everything in a pure traditional Rajasthani setup, from ambiance to cuisine. This place lets you soak in the Rajasthani culture through its vibrant colors and folk performances. If you don’t want to go for those typical Valentine’s Day dinner dates or events, Choki Dhani in Jaipur will treat you with a completely different atmosphere with its happening and lively places in Jaipur. You can enjoy puppet shows, dance performances, acrobatics and camel rides with your partner. This village resort offers everything to make you happy and delighted.

At last, it’s all about LOVE!  If you can’t afford romantic holidays, expensive gifts, dinner in a fancy restaurant… a one honest “I love you!” with a tight hug can do wonders! Valentine’s day shouldn’t be a reason for spending money but to show your love and spend great quality time together!