Valentine's Day gift ideas

Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas to delight your special someone

Worried about what gift to choose for your partner this valentine's day? Here's curated a list of best valentine's day gift that can never go wrong.


Valentine’s day is a scary day for many as one is supposed to be caring, romantic and has the best gift possible on Valentine’s day. And if you happen to be a guy, shopping is definitely not your forte as compared to girls. Getting a right Valentine’s Day gift is perhaps the most complicated thing in any man’s life. So, if you have been cracking your head on picking out the best, we’ve put together a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him/her to choose as your present while looking for the perfect gift.

Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas

As soon as February dawns, Valentine’s Day gifts such as Heart-shaped showpieces, cuddly soft-toys, roses all wrapped in red ribbons can be spotted in every store. Before we proceed, there are a few things you should take care of while choosing a gift. Avoid these things to save yourself from making a blunder.

  • Avoid kitchen-related gifts. Your amour is highly doubtful to find a new appliance romantic. This kind of stuff went out of fashion years ago.
  • Don’t get them the same old thing every year. Mix it up a little! Routine is the enemy of romance.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy them a Valentine’s Day gift that’s really something you’d like for yourself. That is NOT romantic.
  • Anything with a heart emblazoned on it doesn’t mean it’ll be a good Valentine’s gift!

So what makes a good gift? And what makes a great gift? 

Look beyond the usual gifts, simply give your loved ones something they’ll love. Think of some unique gift ideas that gels according to the preferences of the person you are gifting.


The latest craze sweeping the world of gifts is smartwatches. While the gift may seem expensive, most people have a thing for watches and the mechanics associated with their functioning. If your partner is one of them, a smartwatch can prove to be an excellent gifting option. Depending on what your special someone likes, choose a smartwatch among the many available options. We have listed here the best among the most preferred smartwatches. 

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Pitch Black
Pitch Black boAt Xtend Smartwatch
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As men find it hard to find gifts for their lady love, there are women, who dread the days that require them to buy a gift for their special someone. Well, speakers are a great choice to gift whether it’s men or women. Everyone likes music and what can be the best way to express your love other than music speakers. Memory with the speaker as a gift on Valentine’s Day would definitely be perfect.

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boAt Stone 170 with 5W Speaker Bluetooth
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Earpods are the most useful gifts in recent times and these are the new ins! Boat airdopes has been on everyone’s mind when it comes to buying earbuds. Getting these as a Valentine’s Day gift will make your companion happy for sure. These will be a perfect gift to keep you both either you talk or you listen to music. Earpods are also something that every traveller needs. So why not give your partner a perfect earphone this Valentine’s Day? 

boAt Airdopes 141
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Electric gadgets 

Electronic gadgets are today’s demand whether it is about self-pampering or about gifting others. They are loved as much as other gifts. There is something for both men and women. Thinking about men, honestly speaking, not a lot of men put much thought into buying electric shavers. So it would be the best gift option to give them. While for the ladies their hairs are their mood lifters so why not gift them hair straighteners. With all the different models and brands available today, we have tried to pick the best one for your specific needs.

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Chocolate is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but there’s nothing wrong with giving them as a gift. They are true indications of your deeper sentiments towards your special one. Most people love the taste of fine Belgian chocolates or Swiss chocolates. It can be even more romantic if you give something of each. You can go for a gift basket full of chocolates to get your darling’s heart aflutter with chocolates. This sweet gift will definitely cement your love. You can find a huge variety of premium chocolates as a gift. Here we have picked out some of the best. 

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Precious jewellery

Jewellery, like chocolate, is another very traditional gift for Valentine’s Day but the most appreciated by most women. Jewellery can be very costly but it doesn’t need to be. Nevertheless, most women will be thrilled to receive diamonds as their Valentine’s Day gifts but any piece of jewellery gifted with love will be valuable and adored. Nowadays, blush-hued jewellery has become the latest trend and is a must-have for women. They not only make a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift but this ultra-feminine colour is sure to surprise and delight her this Valentine’s Day. 

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Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Pink Quartz Flower Necklace
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Fragrances make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, and the best part of all is that they’ll be reminded of you whenever they wear it. You might be aware of the fragrance your partner loves to have.  Either you can opt amongst them or if you are not much aware of the scents go for the most commonly loved perfumes. For women, a Bvlgari set with a combo of three beautiful fragrances would be the best option. While for men, a fresh crisp fragrance that’s as versatile is Cool Water Cologne by Davidoff.

Bvlgari Omnia Collection EDT Kit
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Bvlgari Aqua Atlantique Eau de Toilette 30ml (For Men)
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If your partner dislikes overly ostentatious displays of affection, the smarter choice is to choose something simple but elegant. Plants are always a great gift because they are long-lasting if the recipient is a plant lover and keeps it well. Apart from this, plants are gifts that offer a personal touch as well. Plants are surely the best choice to show that you treasure the relationship between you and the recipient. They are soothing as well as have therapeutic value. Fragrant, stunning, elegant and incredibly impressive, plants are a go for option. 

Money Plant
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A kindle ebook reader may not be the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but certainly one of the most practical. You can choose among Kindle paperwhite or Kindle Fire eReader. If your partner loves reading books there is no better gift than this. If your partner is not much into books it will also be a good option to use digital media such as surfing the web, watching movies and TV shows. This unique and unusual gift will surely be admired.

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Body Care Basket

People nowadays are more concerned about pampering themselves. A body care gift set is an amazing option to gift such people. Putting together body care products in a gift basket makes a statement. It is something that your partner will enjoy for several months. You can opt for Bryan and candy set which is very much in! To make it more special you can add on a romantic note or Valentine’s Day card.

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Lastly, Jaipur, the pink city, is itself a city that emits romance. Here is one special idea for men out there! If your girl is a little traditional and you want to give her something ‘jaipurish’ add on this beautiful kurta. Apart from this, going on a dinner date or weekend out will be like the cherry on the cake. Adding love to your gift is the best one can do. After all, love is the biggest gift you can give to your beloved on Valentine’s Day!

Go ahead and gladden them with these gifts. Well, there is no great perfect Valentine’s Day gift, it is only the thoughts that count. So, if you want to pamper them further, splurge a little and shower them with adding your thoughts to the gifts!

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