plastic ban in rajasthan

Single-use plastic ban to enforce soon in Rajasthan

JMC-Heritage announces special orders to implement a ban on single-use plastic in Rajasthan, the ban will come into action from July 1.


The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) recently issued an order to enforce a ban on certain single-use plastic items. The order will be executed from July 1, 2022.

Following the drive initiated by the center, the Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RPCB) is set to execute the ban, restricting the manufacturing, stocking, distribution and sale of selected single-use plastic items.

In concern to the state’s notice, Jaipur Municipal Corporation Heritage (JMC-Heritage) also declared a specific order for the enactment of the ban in the heritage area. As per the declaration made by JMC- Heritage Commissioner, all the marriage hall owners in the Heritage area are instructed to comply with the new rules.

Rajasthan to conduct several Awareness drives

Recently, a meeting was held on Wednesday chaired by the RPCB officer who shared information regarding the items that are soon to be banned in the state.

Along with the ban, the concerned departments are planning to conduct awareness campaigns in order to educate people about avoiding single plastic use and the harms of plastic waste. If anyone is found violating the ban strict action will be taken against them. The ban will be enforced post-July 1, 2022.

Items included in the ban

According to the order released by the authorities, the ban comprises many single-use plastic items that will be taken off the shelf from July 1 across the country. The items include flags, candy wrappers and ice cream with plastic sticks, stirrers, wrapping films, earbuds, thermocol sheets/boxes and expanded polystyrene goods, among others.

Apart from this, plastic cutlery glasses, straws, trays and PVC banners of less than 100 microns will also be banned. Reportedly, last year the administration had put a ban on the use of plastic bags below 75 microns.

Weddings to be free of single-plastic use in Jaipur

To take this campaign forward and to spread awareness among the people, marriage operators have come forward in the capital Jaipur. Rajasthan Tent Dealers committee is also advising not to use single-use plastic in weddings booked after June 30. Not only this, those who are booking wedding venues for weddings are asked to fill the affidavits.

In addition to this, the use of ceramic plates will be encouraged at the weddings. The use of both, plates with paper and leaves along with the use of pottery can be a better option. There will be no harm to the environment by using them.

This move by the administration aims to save the environment from the grips of plastic waste by carrying out such bans. To make sure the rules strictly adhere, CPCB has asked state governments to form local by-laws to impose fines on those who violate this ban.

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