Vishesh Golya

Jaipur man Vishesh Golya gloried the art of reverse writing

Jaipur's Vishesh Golya is an expert artist writing Hindi and Sanskrit from right to left.


Jaipur’s Vishesh Golya has won many accolades for dextrosinistral writing or reverse writing. This man has achieved the art of writing Hindi and Sanskrit in the reverse direction.

He has been rehearsing right to left writing since he was very young. He is good at both standard as well as reverse writing. He is a business analyst by profession. His talent has been recognised at the local level and has been felicitated many times for his talents during social events in the city.

When asked about his unusual talent, he said “When I was young, I did my homework sitting in front of a dressing table. The reverse appearance in the mirror gave me a unique impression. I got inspired and thought about developing such a style of writing. I started writing names of friends and family members and since then, I gradually started writing in reverse. I can imagine the words that would reflect.”

He has written Bhagavad Gita, Hanuman Chalisa and Shikshapatri in reverse. He is currently writing Agni Ki Udaan, which is an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam. While he has further plans to write Sankshipt Ramayan as well.

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