Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels Train on Religious Route of Ayodhya in off season May-June

Palace on Wheels soon to run on the religious route of Ayodhya, it will cover six religious places of UP; fares increased by Rs 1.5 lakh.


Rajasthan’s Royal Train Palace on Wheels will now make people from across the country and the world travel to Ayodhya. This journey will be conducted in the off season months of May-June. The fare for this journey has not been decided and is yet to be approved by the Railway Department. 

Moreover, the tariff for this year’s season has been decided. Its tariff has been increased. According to the new tariff plan, the fare has been increased by Rs 1.5 lakh in the season. It is noteworthy that now the maintenance of this train is being done by Gujarat based company The Cube Construction Engineering Limited. At present, people are traveling only on the booking done by RTDC last year. New bookings has not started yet.

Rent will be decided in a week

A tariff plan for Ayodhya has been prepared and sent to RTDC and Railways. Hopefully, the tariff will be decided in a week. The new season will start from September. The tariff for this season was increased after three years. This increase is up to 10%. The tariff for each category has been kept separate for the month of December. Children aged five to twelve years will be charged 75% fare. Earlier this fare was 50%.

Maharaja restaurant will be built on the lines of 7 stars

Not only this, the train will be renovated in the new season. It will be given a more heritage and luxurious look than before. The ongoing Maharaja restaurant will be completely transformed. This restaurant will not look like a pub. It will be built on the lines of 7 stars. The salon will be completely redesigned.

Visit to five religious places of UP in six days

The religious journey of the Palace on Wheels will start from Delhi. In this 6-day journey, devotees will be taken to five religious places of Uttar Pradesh, which include Ayodhya, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Mathura and Vrindavan. The special thing is that wherever the train will pass through religious routes, the tune of Ram and Krishna will be heard.

The company has changed the menu for religious journeys. Now non-veg and liquor will not be available on this route. There will be no onion and garlic in the food served to the passengers.

These will be the new tariff plans

September 2024 to April 2025

  • Night Presidential Suite (per cabin) Rs 2,67,509 
  • Super Deluxe (per cabin) Rs 2,18,207 
  • Single Occupancy (per pax) Rs 1,10,224 
  • Double occupancy (per pax) Rs 71,712

October to March 2025 (nightly)

  • Presidential Suite (per cabin) Rs 2,91,330 
  • Super Deluxe (per cabin) Rs 2,28,084 
  • Single Occupancy (Per Pax) Rs 1,24,583 
  • Double occupancy (per pax) Rs 81,008

December 2024:

  • Presidential Suite (per cabin) Rs 3,23,202
  • Super Deluxe (per cabin) Rs 2,46,676 
  • Single occupancy (per pax) Rs 1,40,768 
  • Double occupancy (per pax) Rs 91,549
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