Jaipur to Get Air Pollution Alert System

Jaipur air quality dropped, AQI level reaches 241

Poison mixed in the air of Jaipur, and other cities of the state, skin and eyes irritation, trouble breathing, Air quality level drops down.


Due to its proximity to Delhi, the impact of pollution is visible in the climate of Jaipur. The climate of Jaipur is becoming poisonous and the increased pollution level has taken the AQI of Jaipur to 237 which comes in the category of bad air. 

Jaipur was seen wrapped in a blanket of cloud. People kept considering it to be the effect of winter, but in reality it is smog caused by pollution. This has raised the concern for the Diwali festival that is about to come. In such a situation, the AQI level may increase further due to pollution caused by firecrackers.

Along with Jaipur, the Pollution level has increased in Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Jodhpur and Bikaner. Also, the level of Air Quality Index (AQI) has gone above 400 in Ganganagar and Hanumangarh. At the same time, in Jodhpur, Jhunjhunu, Sikar and Jaipur, AQI level was recorded between 220 to 270. 

Due to this the problems of asthma patients have increased. People are feeling a burning sensation on their eyes and skin. In older patients, difficulty in breathing has started along with the complaint of cough and phlegm.

According to weather experts, it is cloudy due to western disturbance. The wind speed at the upper level of the sky is very low. Due to this, pollution and carbon particles get trapped in the air and the level of pollution in cities has increased. Due to this, there were fluctuations in the temperature of many cities. 

Fog in Jaipur since morning 

The impact of Western Disturbance remained in Jaipur city today. The sky remained cloudy in the city since this morning. The sunlight is weak. Weather experts believe that the effect of this system will last for two-three days, due to which the wind speed in Rajasthan will remain low. Pollution level will remain high. However, there is no possibility of rain. 

Children’s cough and cold are not getting cured quickly. 

Pediatrician Dr. Priyanshu Mathur says that these days, due to pollution, cases of cough and cold are increasing in children. Children who have asthma or are allergic are facing more problems. The special thing is that this time the cold and cough caused by pollution is not getting cured quickly, hence protecting children from pollution is a better solution. Due to light smog and dust particles, the number of patients suffering from eye allergies and respiratory problems has increased in hospitals also. 

Keep these 6 things in mind to avoid pollution

  • Do not let children live in places with excessive dust and smoke. 
  • Do not take children to heavy traffic or industrial areas. 
  • You can keep the air quality of your house better by planting indoor plants or using an air purifier. 
  • Do not smoke in the house. 
  • Keep children away from the kitchen while cooking. 
  • If there is AC in the house, do not do excessive cooling, this can also cause the child to fall ill. Keep the elderly also away from dust and smoke.

Risk of attack increases in elderly patients 

Smog causes coughing, difficulty in breathing, eye irritation, risk of heart disease, skin diseases, hair fall, nose-ear, throat and lung infections, blood pressure patients are at risk of brain stroke. Asthma patients face many problems like aggravation of the problem, increased risk of attack.

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