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Jaipur markets to be shut on September 11

Jaipur markets will be closed on September 11 due to a protest going to be held by the market association against the municipal corporation.


The market association has decided to protest against the decision of the municipal corporation to make trade licenses compulsory for all organizations. Protest is decided to be held on Saturday. The shopkeepers have also decided that if the decision is not withdrawn even after the protest, they will keep the lights of their shops off once a week.

Jaipur Municipal corporation has decided to impose the trade licence comprising private hospitals, nursing homes, coaching centres, clinics, libraries, hostels and PGs, small kiosks etc. The traders will have to acquire a licence after paying a yearly fee. Owners have to pay the fixed amount decided according to every business.

According to the president of Jaipur Vyapar Mahasangh, Subash Goyal, “Our purpose is to convey a message to the state government that our trade is already in crisis. We will also request our customers to participate in the campaign.”

As per the claim of association members, “During this pandemic time, this decision will put extra pressure on the traders. The shopkeepers pay UD tax to the corporation, register themselves under GST, firm registration fee under the labour department. This is a black law that is being imposed on us.”

While the officials of JMC state that imposing this taxation on every business is necessary because they are utilizing facilities given by corporations. The charges will be based on business size. This is important because the pandemic has affected the income of corporations, so if other businesses are not charged, no income will be generated.

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