11 cases of double mutant Kappa variant of Covid-19 found in Rajasthan

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After Delta, Eleven cases of the Kappa variant of Covid-19 have been detected in Rajasthan, state Health Minister Raghu Sharma said on Tuesday; These are delta-like double mutants and more rapidly spreading, but less lethal.

There has been a sense of fear in Rajasthan due to the finding of a new variant Kappa of Corona. This variant is said to spread rapidly like the Delta variant. However, its lethality is low which means the harm to the patient infected with this variant is less. In Rajasthan, 11 cases of this variant have been reported for the first time.

According to the reports of the Health Department, Of the total 11 cases of the Kappa variant found, 4 cases are from Alwar and Jaipur, 2 from Barmer and 1 from Bhilwara. Out of all these samples, IGIB Lab in Delhi confirmed 9 cases through Genome Sequencing Machine and 2 reports from SMS medical college and hospital in Jaipur. The people in whom these samples have been taken were positive in May-June as well. 

The kappa variant emerged from the same mutation of the variant which is also responsible for the delta variant. Jaipur District Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) Dr. Narottam Sharma said that the spreading speed of this variant is very fast like that of Delta. It doesn’t even show symptoms. However, this infection is less lethal in the body than in Delta.

As per the experts, “Kappa is not a variant of concern but a ‘variant of interest’. It is not a new variant as its cases have been reported in the country earlier as well. However in Rajasthan it is the first time. Kappa was first found in February and March this year in different districts of Uttar Pradesh. However, this variant is of much less intensity.”

After the four people found to be affected by this double mutant virus, Dr. Sharma said, “The second wave was controlled with great difficulty in Rajasthan some time back. If people behave carelessly and do not obey the Covid Appropriate Behavior, then we may have to face the third wave soon.”

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