Vehicles not having high security number plate will be fined Rs.5000

High security number plate mandatory for 5 year old vehicles; if not installed, a fine of Rs.5000 will be charged; know how to apply and what is the fee.


Recently, the Transport Department instructed the Traffic Department officers to issue challan on 5 year old vehicles for not having High Security Registration Plate (HSRP). A heavy fine will be imposed on the drivers who do not register themselves on the department’s designated portal for high security registration plates by the due date.

Why are high security number plates being installed?

In the year 2001, a guideline was issued by the Supreme Court regarding high security number plates. In view of the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and its importance related to safety, the government has implemented HSRP. All the new vehicles are being fitted with HSRP. 

These orders are for vehicles manufactured before April 1, 2019, of which only 20-25 lakh are left in the entire state. The Supreme Court has ordered that all these vehicles should have high security number (registration) plates.

Has the challan processing started?

Those vehicles whose last digit of registration number is 7 and 8 can apply till May 31 and those whose last digit is 9 and 0 can apply for installing high security number plates on their vehicles till June 30, 2024. Also, those having last marks from 1 to 6 will also be able to apply. Their challan will not be deducted on showing the application slip.

Process to get a high security number plate

  • For this, you will first have to register by visiting the SIAM portal, Indian Automobile Manufacturers Society’s website – 
  • There you have to pay the fee for HSRP plate online after selecting your vehicle manufacturer, district and nearest vehicle dealer in the open format. 
  • After this your slot will be booked.
  • You can take HSRP by visiting the nearest dealer of your choice on the scheduled date. For this you will not have to pay any kind of payment except online payment.
  • Once installed, these high security number plates are valid forever. 

What will be the fee for installing the number plate?

  • Rs 425 for two wheeler
  • Rs 470 for Mr Wheeler
  • Rs 695 for four wheeler (light motor vehicle)
  • Rs 730 for medium and heavy vehicles
  • Rs 495 for tractors and vehicles related to agricultural work.

What will be the benefit of this?

It has been made mandatory with the aim of preventing incidents of vehicle theft, simplifying the e-challan process for violation of rules, and implementing the internet-based traffic system.

High security number plates are laser coated. The safe lock in this cannot be opened. It can be removed only after breaking.

In such a situation, if the vehicle is stolen and the thief drives or sells the vehicle with fake number plates, he will be caught.

Besides, there will be uniformity in the style, font, size and color of number plates across the state. Use of fancy number plates will be stopped.

It will be easier to develop an intelligent transport system. Monitoring will be easier through e-challan, pollution, insurance and GPS systems.

It will be easy to trace suspicious vehicles. This will provide the facility to trace with location in real time.

What action will be taken against vehicles which do not install number plates even after the due date?

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, using a vehicle without a number plate and using a vehicle without registration is the same crime.

In such a situation, the same fine that is imposed for driving a vehicle without registration will be recovered from the vehicle owner for not getting HSRP installed.

Under Motor Vehicle Act 39 and 192, a fine of Rs 2,000 will be charged on two wheelers, Shree Wheelers and agricultural vehicles like tractors on first arrest and Rs 5,000 on second arrest.

Similarly, if other vehicles like car, jeep, bus, truck are caught for the first time, a fine of Rs 5,000 will be imposed and if caught for the second time, a fine of Rs 10,000 will be imposed.

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