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Jaipur Among Top 10 Happiest Places in the world to buy a house

In a survey of happiest and least happy cities in the world to buy a house, Jaipur has marked its place among the top 10, Mumbai was the unhappiest city in the world.


A survey by a UK firm has found that Jaipur comes under the top 10 happiest places in the world to buy a house. Barcelona and Florence were the happiest places to buy property in the world.

According to the survey, Chandigarh scored 13% and came in the Top 20 list while Jaipur with 10.8% was among the top 10. Apart from this, Chennai scored 8.9%, Indore 7.4% and Lucknow 7.1%.

Whereas the survey was also conducted to find out the least happy places and Mumbai was found the unhappiest city. Mumbai emerged as the least happy place to buy a house in the world, and the most expensive city in India to buy property.

Mumbai was rated first on the list of unhappiest places to buy a house globally. While Atlanta in the US and Sydney in Australia came second and third, respectively, in the list of least happy places in the world to buy a house.

The survey was done by Online Mortgage Advisor, a UK firm, using artificial intelligence to analyse the happiness levels of geotagged photos on Instagram to know the global average happiness level of the homebuyers.

The survey was performed in August 2021. In the analysis, two types of Instagram posts were evaluated – one with the hashtag #selfie and the hashtags narrating a recent home purchase, such as #homeowner. Only the Instagram photos with geotagged were evaluated in the survey.

Every photo in the survey was scanned with the Microsoft Azure facial recognition tool, which analyses clear photos of faces and automatically provides a score on the levels of different emotions present.

The emotions detected in the tool are anger, hatred, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, and neutrality. All the negative emotions like anger, contempt, disgust, fear and sadness were combined into one category ‘negative’.

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