Dengue cases marks rise in Rajasthan: Things to keep in mind

Dengue cases are at a rapid pace in Rajasthan. Things to keep in mind to be aware of dengue and treat it timely.


There has been a significant surge in the number of dengue patients in Rajasthan. The hospitals in the districts are full of vector-borne diseases and other seasonal diseases in OPD. Also, the number of patients in IPD are rapidly increasing. 

Seasonal diseases including dengue have taken a toll on the health of people in Rajasthan. There are long lines of patients in OPDs in every district. Along with the testing centres, the number of patients admitted to the hospital is also increasing rapidly. 

Given this, on Tuesday, the Medical and Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma held a meeting with all medical officers, health officers CMHO and officers of the concerned department of all the districts regarding controlling the spread of disease. Also, the leave of medical officers of all the districts has been cancelled till further orders. 

Dengue-free Rajasthan campaign

The Health Department has directed to run a Dengue-free Rajasthan campaign from October 20 to November 3 for the prevention of seasonal diseases. For this, a control room and Rapid Response Teams will be constituted at block levels in every district, which will run 24×7 and people can call on them to get information regarding the disease and its prevention.

Perform anti larval activities in areas with dengue patients

The Minister directed all the officers to become active expeditiously in those places where the maximum number of dengue and malaria cases are coming. Spray anti larval medicine in houses and get fogging done where the number of dengue cases are high in the district. The teams will also distribute doctor’s advice and medicines to the patients

Instructions to keep adequate stock of medicines

Outdoor as well as indoor treatment will be provided to the patients coming to all Community Health Centers (CHCs), sub-district hospitals. Adequate stock of essential medicines used in these diseases must be kept.

600 teams will do a dengue survey

The dengue-free campaign has been duly started in the district from Wednesday. For this, the leave of all health workers has been cancelled. 600 teams have been formed for dengue-free campaigns across the district. All these teams will conduct door-to-door surveys across the district to identify the patients. The patients are asked to start their treatment at the primary level so that the situation can be controlled in time.


  • If any person has a high fever, headache, or redness on the face or body, there is a high risk of platelets going below 20 thousand. Seek medical advice immediately. The patient should check the dengue profile IGM and IGG after seeking the doctor’s advice.
  • Due to dengue, a patient experiences a shortage of platelets in the blood banks. They should get their CBC checked at least once a day so that the count of platelets in the blood can be monitored. If the count of platelets is less than 20 thousand, then it’s considered a serious condition.
  • In the case of children, there are complaints of worsening cases even after recovery due to a drop in blood pressure level. So, the children should be kept in constant contact with the doctor for 4-5 days. 

Follow Ayurveda remedies with Allopathy treatment 

Along with allopathy treatment, patients suffering from dengue can recover quickly with Ayurveda treatment or home remedies. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated by taking liquids like coconut water, fruit juices, and fennel water as much as possible. To make sure your water intake is not low, drink a minimum of 3 to 4 litres of water throughout the day. 
  • Eat more and more citrus fruits like amla, kiwi, orange. Also, include pomegranate and papaya in your diet. 
  • Eat light food at home like khichdi and moong-dal. Drink papaya leaf juice at least once or twice a day, it is best for improving platelets.
  • Amla and Giloy juice also help in improving the immunity and platelets of the patient. 
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