Good news at Jhalana reserve, leopardess spotted with 3 cubs


The news of the leopard appeared with three cubs spotted in camera came as big news at Jhalana Leopard Safari in Jaipur. Now the number of leopards has increased to 33 from 30. 

Leopard Safari’s female panther Lalakund (LK) was snapped drinking water in-camera with its three cubs. All three cubs appeared in Zone 2 with the leopardess in the Jhalana reserve.

According to Janeshwar Chaudhary, Jhalana Leopard Safari Ranger, “the photo was disclosed in the camera trap planted in Zone No. 2 in Jhalana. The leopardess was seen with her three cubs drinking water at a water point. The age of the cubs can be estimated around one and a half to 2 months. 

This year it is the first litter of leopards. However, this is the 5th litter of this 10-year-old leopard. Till now it has given birth to a total of 12 cubs. 

As per an official at the reserve, “We had some indication that the big cat had conceived and delivered. We have now increased monitoring. The female panther LK is a very important contributor to the Jhalana Leopard Safari. She is an able mother not because she has previously given birth but for the fact that a majority of her offspring have survived.”

“We have noticed that the leopard breed score has gradually risen in this specific forest area particularly due to efficient observation as well as efforts to give a safe setting for the wildlife. Now, surveillance has been increased in the area. Some more camera traps are being installed in the area so that the panther can be monitored easily, added officials

Last year, the Jhalana Leopard Safari recorded a very good leopard breeding resulting in a boost in the leopard population. The reserve saw the birth of 10 cubs by leopardess Leela, Jalebi, Flaura, LK, Mrs. Khan and Sharmili.

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