5 killed in massive fire in Jaipur, family from Bihar burnt alive

A tragic accident has taken place in Vishwakarma, Jaipur. Five people were burnt to death in a massive fire. The entire family including three children died in the fire.


A tragic accident has taken place in Vishwakarma, Jaipur. 5 people were burnt to death in a massive fire when a cylinder caught fire while cooking. The entire family, including three innocent children, died in the accident. All the deceased are said to be residents of Bihar. The incident took place at Jaisalya village of Vishwakarma police station area at 7.30 am on Thursday.

According to the police, As soon as information about the incident was received, the police team reached the spot at 7.40 minutes. A cylinder was found burning in the house and the gate of the room was blocked. The cylinder and stove were kept at the gate of the room, hence no one could come out. When the police reached inside the house, they found Rajesh sitting in the corner of the room. However, he was dead.

The fire had come out from the panel of the regulator of the cylinder, due to which the fire spread in the room. Rajesh sat in the corner of the room to escape the fire, but he also died. With the help of the fire brigade, the fire was controlled and the burnt bodies were taken out. The family was from Motihari (Bihar) and lived here on rent.

The cylinder was changed in the morning itself.

Arjun, who lives in the neighborhood, told that Rajesh had changed the cylinder in the morning and installed a regulator for cooking. The regulator may not have been installed correctly. This led to leakage and fire. Within no time the fire spread throughout the room. After the incident, two fire brigade vehicles reached the spot. about half an hour. After much effort the fire was brought under control.

The family had returned from Bihar only on Wednesday evening

Rajesh used to work in a factory. The family was living here for about 4-5 months. Had gone to Bihar on leave for a few days. Came back only yesterday evening. An accident happened this morning. Rajesh (26), his wife Ruby (24), Ishu (7), Dilkhush (2) and Khushmani (4) died in the accident. 

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