book unreserved tickets

Book Unreserved Tickets at the Railway Station by Scanning QR Codes


North Western Railway has given great convenience to unreserved class passengers. People will no longer have to stand in long lines to get a rail ticket for them. Now book unreserved tickets by scanning the QR code.

Now the passengers can book paperless tickets on their own. The QR code scan is available at 12 railway stations including Jaipur station and Gandhi Nagar.

book unreserved tickets
QR Code At Jaipur Junction

Railway Administration has issued QR codes at 12 important stations of North Western Railway. They are Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Abu Road, Udaipur City, Durgapura, Alwar, Rewari, Sanganer, Lalgarh and Gandhinagar. This is the most convenient and fastest way to get paperless tickets for Unserved class passengers. This facility adds another feather in the cap as, Recently Jaipur Railway Station declared as the Cleanest Railway Station In India.

Passengers can book unreserved ticket or platform tickets easily after scanning the mobile QR code issued at stations. Till now, paperless unreserved tickets were booked only when the passengers were 30 to 50 meters away from the railway track at the station. With getting the facility of scanning the QR code, passengers would not face problems related to distance and can easily get tickets.

book unreserved tickets
Scan QR Code

With this facility, the passengers will get an easy interface. By this interface the passengers can get paperless unreserved tickets or platform tickets on their own on mobile. This will save the time of the traveler, as well as save paper and promote environmental protection.

You can book your tickets like this:

  • Download UTS application from Play Store-App Store
  • Register the UTS application and log in
  • Select QR Booking in the Book Ticket menu
  • Scan the station QR code available in the station premises
  • Select the destination and required options

After this, the ticket will be booked safely. The Passenger will get relief from unwanted hassle of ticket booking. Now He can book unreserved tickets by simply scanning the QR Code.