dussehra celebration in jaipur

Things To Know During Dussehra Celebration in Jaipur


When it comes to celebrating traditions and making the most out of the festivals Jaipurites never lag behind. The Dussehra fever has also gripped the Jaipurites and all are anticipating the festival with joy and fervour. The Dussehra celebration in Jaipur has begun with full pomp and show, as the triumph of good over evil.

dussehra celebration in jaipur
Jaipur During Dussehra

Importance of Dussehra

Dussehra is one of the most important festivals in Hindu culture. The word “Dussehra” is derived from the Sanskrit language where the “Dasha” word signifies “ten” and “hara” indicates “defeat”, hence, the defeat of tenheaded demon king Ravana. This grand festival is also popular as Vijayadashami as it is celebrated on the 10th day of Navratri. The first nine days are celebrated as Navratri and the tenth day is Dussehra. Navaratri is the festival of nine sacred days dedicated to nine different forms of the Goddess Durga. Dussehra is celebrated on the 10th day of the crescent moon as per the Hindu calendar. It usually falls in the Hindu month Ashwin that is usually in September or October month.

The main message of Dussehra is to “renew life by killing the evil within and live with hope and joy“.

History of Dussehra

folklore of Dussehra festival

There is beautiful folklore associated with the Dussehra festival. The story behind the celebration of Dussehra is, the demon king ‘Ravana‘ abducts ‘Sita‘, the wife of Lord ‘Rama‘. Then Lord Rama took the help of God ‘Hanuman‘ and his small Sena and cross over to Lanka to kill the Demon King Ravana. Lord Rama fought the battle for his wife and won. Along with Ravana, Lord Rama killed Ravana’s brother ‘Kumbha Karna‘ and son ‘Meghanada‘. Thus, Dussehra marks the victory of good over evil. Here, good symbolizes Lord Rama the god and evil represents Ravan the demon king.

This day also marks the victory of Goddess ‘Durga’ over evil ‘Mahishasur‘.

How is Dussehra celebrated in Jaipur?

The Jaipur Dussehra festival is celebrated by burning the evil. Firstly, the ritual starts with enacting the Ram Leela with dramatizing the different events of the life of Lord Rama. Thousands of locals and tourists gather in the Ram Leela ground to enjoy the show. After the Ram Leela play, follows the ritual of burning effigies. The effigies of the evils, Ravana, Kumbhakarana, and Meghnath are prepared. These effigies are loaded with crackers inside them. The mesmerizing fireworks and the view of burning effigy of Ravana makes the best of this occasion.In Jaipur, Dussehra comes up with a promise of grand rituals, great joys, and many shopping trips.

Dussehra Celebration at Royal family of Jaipur

Dussehra Celebration in Royal family Jaipur

On the Jaipur Dussehra festival, Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur performed ‘Shashtra Pujan’ at City Palace. As per the traditions of Dussehra worship of elephants, horses, palki and baggie are performed. At Sarvatobhadra Chowk, he performed pujan of elephant, Ashva and Palki baggie. Dussehra Procession of Sitaramji also started from City Palace.

Dussehra worship of  horses

It leads towards the Vijay Bagh and Dussehra Kothi. Many erstwhile jagirdars and thakurs of Jaipur participated in this procession by wearing traditional dresses. A large number of tourists as well as locals also witnessed the event. Colorful tableaux, folk dancers, music bands form a part of this occasion.

Dussehra Celebration Of Jaipurites

On the day of Dussehra or Vijayadashmi, people worship their equipment as it is supposed to be the most auspicious day to do so. The vehicles, machines, motors, and tools are decorated and worshipped on this day. This is because these things provide livelihood and bring prosperity to people and society by carrying out the trades and occupations.

New Trend Of Dussehra In Jaipur

From the past few years during Dusshera a new trend has emerged in Jaipur. People buy effigy of Ravana and burn it by themselves. Jaipur has huge sellers of Ravana Effigies. There are many places in Jaipur where the makers of the Ravana effigy sell them to people on Dussehra. These places are known as Ravana Mandi. It is at Mansarovar Jaipur. This place is filled with a variety of Ravana effigies where users can buy according to their budget. Ravana Effigies are of different sizes, colors and patterns.

Choose your favorite Ravan and burn all your worries with him!!!

dussehra celebration in jaipur
Ravan Effigy Making During Dussehra in Jaipur

Dussehra Mela is organized during Navratri. Jaipur Shopping Festival is also organized at Dussehra Mela and different food stalls are set up. Many cultural programs are organized to make Dussehra Mela in Jaipur full of entertainment and fun. One can enjoy the shopping, relishing tasty dishes and riding the different swings at this Mela. The grandeur and magnificence of this festival create a great hustle and bustle during the event.

To make the Dussehra special, people wear new clothes, socialize and exchange greetings with each other. People also start new ventures in any field on the auspicious day of Dussehra.

Best Places For Dussehra Celebration in Jaipur

Dussehra brings out a totally different essence from the occasion when it is celebrated at some of the top destinations in Jaipur. The following are the places that are popular for Dussehra celebration in Jaipur.

dussehra celebration in jaipur
Dussehra Celebration in Jaipur

Dashera Maidan ,Adarsh Nagar

Vidhyadhar Nagar Stadium

Arawali Marg, Mansarovar

Rashtrapati Maidan, Shastri Nagar

Pratap Nagar near Sanganer

Ram Leela Ground, Raja Park

So, get ready to celebrate Dussehra with full enthusiasm, vigour, and devotion.

Jaipur stuff wishes you a very Happy Dussehra!!!

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