Ashwin Goyal Jaipur

A Jaipur boy scored perfect 100 scores in CAT


A student of Jaipur created history achieving 100 percentile in CAT exam. The result of CAT-2020 examinations conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, Indore was declared on Sunday. 

Ashwin Goyal (20) became the second boy from Jaipur to score 100 percentile in the Common Admission Test (CAT). He along with Jitesh Mittal, an IIT student were among nine students out of 1.9 lakh aspirants across the country to score perfect 100 in the exam.

Ashwin is a resident of Bapu Nagar in Jaipur and is a son of a retired government employee. He completed his studies from St Xavier’s School. He is a student of non-engineer background and doing a 5-year Integrated Program Management (IPM) course from IIM Indore. The success in CAT is likely to take him from IIM-Indore campus to his desired IIM Ahmedabad campus to complete his PG course from there.

“After twelfth, I got selected in NIT-Trichy and IIM Indore and it was tough to decide on one. I sought out the guidance of the experts I have known. Finally, I decided to go for an MBA programme from IIM Indore. The credit for my performance in CAT goes to my three years of journey in IIM-Indore where I have learnt and understood the basics of management,” said Goyal.

When asked about his further plans, Goyal said, he aspires to build his career in finance. He expressed that current CEOs, policymakers and future managers have to focus on being vocal for the local. This will help them to make use of the great potential Indian business insight offers.

Examination expert Rahul Gupta said that this year 9 students across the country have achieved 100 percentile. For the first time, two students from Jaipur, Jitesh Mittal and Ashwin Goyal have created history by obtaining 100 percentile. This is a great record. Jitesh Mittal is basically from Punjab and is pursuing his education from Jaipur.

This year, the examination was conducted on 29 November in three innings in 156 cities. Earlier, a response sheet of CAT-2020 was released by IIM Indore on December 8. After that, on December 30, the final answer was released. In it, the answer to 1 question of the second innings was revised.

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