Chemical terror attack

Earthquake at WTP, mock drill over the chemical terror attack

News Rajasthan

Mock drill of a chemical attack was carried out at a World Trade Park mall on Wednesday. It is located in the Malviya Nagar area of Jaipur. Panic gripped all around when the officials and public came to know about a chemical attack and damage from earthquakes.

On Wednesday morning, the Police Control room received information of a major chemical attack at WTP and casualties due to an earthquake. Immediate action was taken and rescue teams along with police officials rushed to the spot. The teams alerted and directed all the security agencies, including fire brigade and ambulances to the mall. They carried out the rescue operation and conducted the expulsion of the people stuck in the mall taking them to a safer place. A search operation inside the mall was launched to find terror attack suspects.

The mock drill was organized by NDRF and SDRF with an aim to check the security preparedness of the agencies to handle the cases of threats, said administration.

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