Coding courses mandate in Rajasthan schools from next session

Rajasthan to start coding courses for students in senior secondary classes of government schools from the next academy session.


The Rajasthan education department will start coding, programming and artificial intelligence (AI) classes for students of senior secondary classes (11-12) in government schools from the next session.

The Rajasthan education department is all set with the new  School Curriculum Framework (SCF) as directed under the New Education Policy. The new curriculum has laid great focus on evolving the scientific character of students in schools. The syllabus will have modules on coding and programming along with sessions on Al to produce world-class tech grads from our schools. 

The earlier SCF came up almost two decades ago and has become repetitious when it comes to subjects like environment, health, and technology. The revised curriculum will focus on growing issues like climate change, the rapid pace of urbanization, and disrupting harmony between humans and the animal-plant kingdom.

The entire concept is to create mass awareness on the subject in order to prepare the present generation to take on the challenges which will impact the world for the coming next centuries.

The concepts of health will move from treatment to prevention of diseases in the textbooks. Students will be taught the preventive ways to minimise the impact of diseases which are impacting the human resource of the country.

The most important aspect of the curriculum is to focus on incorporating education and technology to make education more scientific and easier to understand. The curriculum is focussed on effective teaching by integrating technology with teaching, identifying and properly utilizing various ICT tools to be used in teaching learning and assessment. 

The training of teachers in technology and academics will come to be a regular feature of the academic schedule helping the teachers to provide updated learning experiences to students.

 The RSCERT will have to present the report to the state government by September following which the government will initiate the work of framing the syllabus.

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