Cycle tour in Jaipur

Cycle tour in Jaipur: Paddle your way to beautiful lanes of Pink city

You might have visited Jaipur a lot of times but on this way! Try a cycle tour in Jaipur and witness a city you have never been to!


A true travel enthusiast heartily believes that exploring is all about experiencing the unique traits of a place from a close perspective and not just seeing new destinations. Bicycle tours offer a distinctive off-the-track travelling experience and it helps one to come across surprising junctures that one might miss during conventional travelling. If you are travelling solo or are not like the usual travellers who go sightseeing where a guide points at things and the tourists listen to narratives and click funny pictures, a cycling tour is just for you! Let us have a quick look at some of the most distinctive facets of cycle tour in Jaipur that prove tour on cycles are exceptional indeed.

Why choose a cycling tour in Jaipur

If you want to see Jaipur there is no greater way to see it than on two wheels. You experience the sights and sounds of an exclusive Rajasthan in a way that could only be outdone by walking.

Art and cuisine

While peddling through quaint villages and squares, lanes filled with small shops, you will encounter great art and architecture. You will get a great education in history, visiting monuments and souvenirs from a long past. And you will be able to savor incredible cuisine, eating all you want as you pedal away.

To enjoy the landscape

The rocky, mountainous topography and spectacular landscapes of this city combine to make a rewarding experience for those wishing to explore its attractions by a cycle tour in Jaipur.

To explore hidden lanes

Jaipur is a city that has both narrow tricky lanes to wide paved roads, monuments with architectural beauty to small shops with locally handcrafted items. ​Travelling by cycle lets you explore the city at its best as you can reach every nook and corner getting a glimpse of hidden Jaipur. The city has so much to offer when you scour the city at a slow pace.

To discover the heritage

Cycle tours have become a preference for the tourists in Jaipur as it lets an individual unwind the history. You can take all your time to explore the age-old Havelis and gates of the ‘Walled City’ of Jaipur. The beauty of the old city Chandpole, Ajmeri gate, New gate, and Sanganeri gate will make you admire the architecture while taking some time off your cycle. You can visit one of the most celebrated temples ‘Govind Dev Ji‘.

To understand culture at its best

Several important aspects like cultures and customs often go unnoticed during conventional travelling. Cycling tours provide adequate time for the tourists to know more about the distinctive traits of a place. You will see every detail of splendid culture, its people and food. You can stop by for breakfast and interaction with a local family in their heritage mansion; Ride-pass the community of artists and witness a live-work demonstration.

To seek serenity and peace

Most of the popular tourist destinations are full of tourists and as such, staying away from the hustle and bustle often becomes difficult for a traveller who is in pursuit of calmness and serenity. Cycle tours are a great way to dive into the world of serenity as you get to witness even the untouched locations that are void of tourists. Riding on the off-the-beaten route and travelling is an incredible way to closely witness the landscapes of the city.

To conclude, overall a cycle tour in Jaipur is a perfect match if you are seeking adventure or offbeat experiences in Jaipur. Starting from the serene countryside to the colourful local markets; the tourists can go wandering wherever they want.

Best routes for a cycling tour in Jaipur

Most fitness freaks and adventure enthusiasts love to go cycling or trekking during the weekends. If you are seeking adventure or offbeat experiences in Jaipur, these are undoubtedly the best routes for cycle tours in Jaipur.

Nahargarh Fort road
Nahargarh Fort road

Nahargarh road is said to be the best route for going on a drive or a ride. It offers the best settings to refresh you from within as the road to Nahargarh offers spectacular views of the city especially the Jal Mahal in Mansagar. There are mainly two routes, the one Nahargarh Fort road via Jal Mahal and Kanak Ghati. It is for those who love adventurous rides along with beautiful views amidst nature. While the second option is through an old steep cobbled path from Purani Basti.

Route to Amer fort
cycle tour to Amer fort
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Most of the section with a view of Nahargarh also comes under this route. The route to Sagar Lake behind Amer Fort includes the same route till Kanak Ghati. The areas with slopes will come across Kanak Ghati and Kheri Gate to Sagar lake. This cycling route lets you experience the tranquillity of Sagar Lake. The hills surround the lake from all sides and have a charming scene.

JLN Road

The JLN road is the most popular road among Jaipurites. It is a straight 10 km well-paved road, ideal for long drives as well as cycling. Either you can ride to Patrika gate or you can go to the airport depending on time and effort.

Mahal Road

For those who love well-paved distance riding, the route to Mahal road through Jagatpura is another popular route. It is a six-lane broad route with minimal traffic as it is still an upcoming area. This route is best if you are seeking fresh air and want to evade through the actual jungle.

Best places to get cycles on rent in Jaipur

Cycle rental in Jaipur has become the most common option for tourists as well as the Jaipurites. For many solo travellers cycling has become the best mode of transport to explore the heritage city. While many locals have resorted to natural ways of being fit since the gyms and fitness centers have been closed due to pandemics. It is uncommon to see many people on cycle exploring or adventuring through riding on cycles during the weekend.

If you are keen to know the best places to rent cycles in Jaipur. There are many companies offering cycles on rent in Jaipur. You can get cycles on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. You will get cycle on rent mostly near popular parks like Central Park, Jawahar Circle Park, and Ram Niwas Garden. Here is a list of the best ones in town.

Road Queen: it is one of the first ones offering cycle on rent in Jaipur. They offer both geared and non-geared cycles. You can hire the cycle from Central Park, gate number 2.

Pink Pedals: Another very popular company for cycle rent in Jaipur, Pink pedals are available to rent cycles from Jawahar Circle near Patrika Gate.

2Pahiye: It is a recently opened company offering cycle rent service in Jaipur. They rent cycle at Central park gate number 3. They offer cycle brands like Decathlon, Rockrider and Riverside range.

Smart City: This company has its cycle stalls at many locations in the city. They offer non-geared cycles but at very low rates. They are available near most of the parks. Of them, the most famous one is near New Gates in Ramniwas Garden.

Cost of cycle on rent in Jaipur

The cycle rental Jaipur prices range from Rs 50-200/hour. For geared ones, they charge Rs 80- 200 while non-geared ones can be rented for Rs 50-100/hour for geared cycles.

The prices may vary from operator to operator.

Tip: To make your cycling tour exciting, you can join cycling clubs in Jaipur. There are many cycling clubs in Jaipur. You can find them on Facebook through the Strava app. Cycling apps like Strava and Map My ride lets you connect with the cyclists and cycling community in Jaipur.

So, are you ready to take a cycle tour in Jaipur and learn its culture, view its stunning scenery, interact with local people as well as experience the true flavours of a Pink City?

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